Steps to Install QuickBooks on Multiple Computers

If your company has various employees who require synchronous admittance to QuickBooks, you can install QuickBooks on numerous PCs for different clients. As indicated by Intuit, you may install a solitary client permit variant of QuickBooks on a PC and on a convenient gadget (a PC, for instance) just if there is one client for the two gadgets. To Use QuickBooks on Two Computer for extra clients, you should purchase extra licenses. You can utilize something like five client licenses for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier. The two forms accompany one permit. In the event that you need in excess of five licenses, you should utilize QuickBooks Enterprise, which accompanies 10 client licenses and permits up to 15 client licenses.

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Step 1 

Addition the QuickBooks CD. The Intuit QuickBooks Installer will open naturally. In the event that the discourse box doesn’t open, right-click the “Start” button on your desktop and select “Investigate.” Select the QuickBooks CD in the Folders list on the left half of the Explore window, and click “Setup.exe” to launch the Intuit QuickBooks Installer. In the event that you downloaded QuickBooks from, double tap the downloaded installation file to launch the Intuit QuickBooks Installer. Click the “Next” button in the lower right corner of the Intuit QuickBooks Installer to go to the License Agreement.

Step 2 

Check the check box next to “I acknowledge the provisions of the permit arrangement” on the License Agreement page of the Intuit QuickBooks Installer, and click “Next” to go to the Choose Installation Type page. 

Step 3 

Select “Express” on the Choose Installation Type page to get proposals from QuickBooks on installation alternatives. Select “Custom and Network Options” to share QuickBooks over a network. Avoid the next advance in the event that you chose “Custom and Network Options.” 

Step 4 

In the event that you chose “Express” in the past advance, click “Next” to go to the License and Product Numbers page. Enter “Permit and Product Numbers.” If you are installing from a CD, these numbers are on the yellow sticker that accompanied the CD. In the event that you downloaded the installation from Intuit, these numbers are in the email Intuit sent you. Skirt the next advance. 

Step 5 

On the off chance that you chose “Custom and Network Options” in the past, click “Next” to go to the Custom and Network Options page. Peruse the accessible choices, and click the suitable radio catch.

Step 6 

Click “Next” to go to the Upgrade or Change Installation Location page. Select the “Change the install location” radio catch and click “Peruse” to explore to an alternate location if this is your inclination. Click “Next” to go to the Ready to Install page. 

Step 7 

Audit your settings on the Ready to Install page for precision. Click “Install” to start installation. 

Step 8 

Check “Open QuickBooks” and “Assist me with beginning” on the Congratulations! page. Click “Finish” to play out the checked activities and close the Intuit QuickBooks Installer. 

Step 9 

Repeat these steps for every PC. You can’t install QuickBooks on a common PC and utilize the program over numerous PCs. You should install the software on every PC.