What is the role of nano influencer and micro-influencer platform?

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What is meant by the micro-influencer platform?

One of the newer concepts is known as the micro influencer platform which is recently joined in the social media. It is a similar concept to the influencers marketing but it is small scale. It is used to promote the brands on the social web by the authentic and visuals post instead of the sponsor advertisements.

 How to launch the successful micro influencer platform in your business?

There are five steps to plan, execute, and manage. They are given by,

  1. Set clear goals. It includes the increase in the brand awareness, builds the customers, improves engagements, drives sales, generates the leads, and builds the link and trust, and consumer loyalty.
  2. Determining your budget. The incentives such as exclusion event pass, recognition on the social media and websites, early access to the new products, free trials, discounts, gift cards, and limited product sales.
  3. Find the right influencers. You must look for the three things such as relevance, authenticity, and engagement rates. 
  4. Create the engaging content. It consists of brand generated content and influencer created content.
  5. Measure the result is the final step. It is critical to measure the scale of the marketing authorization. 

According to the survey conducted by the Markerly, the micro-influencers are one of the best combinations of the relevant engagement and broader reach of the product.

What is meant by the nano influencer?

The nano influencer is also known as an Instagram influencer with thousand and ten thousand followers. The audiences of the nano consultant are small, highly engaged, and niche. 

What are the major reasons for brands are working with the nano influencers?

  • Authenticity – It is easy for the Instagram users. It is essential for the normal peoples who are not using the tastemaker of the marketing as the main source of their income.
  • Higher engagement rate – It has a much smaller following. This is the first relationship between the followers and nano authority. Because of the smaller follower count, it is easy to respond to the every comment.
  • Word of mouth effect – They also know about many of the followers personally. The word of mouth effect has the biggest advantage of dictating consumer purchasing decisions which leads to driving conversions for the brands.
  • Less expensive – The investment in the nano bellwether is less costly and more effective. It also provides a solid ROI (Return on Investment).
  • It is easier to work with the nano influencers which are compared to the more established doyen. 
  • The nano influencers are easy to recruit. 

How to find the nano influencers?

The Instagram user profile page is clearly making it they are the nano influencers by the, 

  • Interests and specialties in the Instagram bio. They include the summary of interest and area of specialties.
  • Photography – It is depending upon their niche, elevated, and consistent photography.
  • Highlights – The story highlights can be used by them.
  • Contact information – They are explicit when showing the contact information.