Top 5 Best Water Purifier For Home In India: You Must Read For Your Benefit

There is 45% water on our earth but only 3% of it is potable. And since childhood, we are taught in school that we should save water and use water sparingly. And at the present time, there are some cities where the water level has gone very low in the ground and the water is brought to such places by tankers and in such area, water has to be spent very carefully and if we talk about an Excellent water purifier is very much needed in such places and our health also makes a variation and furnishes our body energy, freshness, and healthy body,

In this setting, we and our complete team have jointly researched and presented the top 5 best water purifier for home which you must see and take advantage of.

1. Livpure 7-litre RO + UV Best Water Purifier

The Livpure water consists of the RO + UV associates to assure you can enjoy the advantages of both water purifier systems. That’s all that yapping of the powers and defects of each coming to naught. Its decent water carrying capacity is another notable quality of this water purifier.


  • Electric with storage
  • Technology: RO+UV+ Mineralizer water purification
  • Uses a 6-stage water purification
  • Type of Tank: a food-grade plastic
  • 7-litre tank capacity
  • Tank display


Possesses the united strengths of both the RO and UV water purifier

Great for a home with hard limewater problems

Properties water for use also when there is no power


Durability appears to be an issue


2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Best Water Purifier for home 

This is another product with the properties of various types of water purifiers in one. Unlike the earlier model, this one has just the RO and UV type. But the start of an MTDS guarantees water doesn’t taste so bad. Below are some of its specs.


  • Temperature modulation
  • 6 Liter tank capacity
  • Smart energy saving
  • Water level indication
  •  LED indicator
  • The 6-stage water purification process
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations


  • Eliminates sediments
  • Smart water purifier
  • Noiseless operation
  • Ideal for hard water
  • Remarkable auto-stop function


  • After-sales service isn’t impressive
  • Doubts regarding its durability

3. KENT Grand 8-L Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Best Water Purifier

First, while reviewing the Livpure water purifier, we were talking about how the union of RO and UV presented our opinion of their personal strength being redundant.

This Kent water purifier connects the ability of three different types of water purifiers, and it is amazing. Suffer get a survey at its specs.


  • Electric water purifier
  • Thin-film composite membrane
  • The storage capacity of 8 liters
  • A combination of three RO+UV+UF water purifier
  • Auto-flushing system
  • Carbon block filter
  • Food grade plastic tank type


  • More water available to your household
  • Treats a wider array of water
  • Great for hard water


  • Treats a wider array of water
  • Wastes a lot of water

4. Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Best Water Purifier

It is an all hands on deck kind of compromise with this water purifier regarding its use of both the RO and UV technology.

This water purifier doesn’t only depend on just the RO and UV technology as there are other elements included in the device that tries to ensure your wellbeing.


  • RO & UV technology
  • Revitalizer
  • Mineral cartridge
  • Smarts alerts
  • Iprotect monitoring
  • Zero-splash faucet
  • 7 stages of water purification
  • 7-litre tank capacity


  • Compact design
  • Eliminates hard water issues
  • Maintains pH level of water
  • Cuts of water when the container is full
  • Fits in tight corners


  • Wastes water
  • High maintenance cost
  • It is not a very durable product

5. Pureit Advanced (RO + MF) 5 L RO + MF Best Water Purifier for home 

Interested in a water purifier that connects both RO and MF technology fluidly, this Pureit model strength is deserving a look. Its 5-Liter might not be on the ‘big side’, but it should be enough.


RO, UF technologies

Diaphragm pump

5-liter capacity

6-stage purification process

Engineering grade plastic



Spare parts are easily available

In-built pressure pump

Refills fast


Installation is stressful

Noisy operation