A Guide to Prepare for Dental Implants

Before you visit a dental implant clinic in Delhi for the surgery, you need to prepare yourself for this procedure. It requires more than one procedure and the entire process is completed over several months. This article is a step-by-step guide for dental implant preparation.

Dental Examination

Depending on your oral health, you may or may not be the right candidate for this procedure. First of all, you need a comprehensive dental examination. The dentist also needs this information to create a treatment plan. This examination includes visual exams and x-rays. The dentist also goes through your medical records. 

  • You should not have a weak or suppressed immune system. The surgeon will use antibiotics before and after the procedure.
  • You may be allergic to dental materials or anaesthetic. The dental surgeon will use alternatives in this case.
  • There are some medications that can interact with dental materials or anaesthetic. These medications can also affect the surgery. This may require some adjustments in the treatment plan.
  • Sometimes the patient’s jaw is not in good shape. The surgeon may need to reshape your jaw before dental implants in Delhi.
  • If you are a healthy person, the surgeon may fix both the implant and abutment in the same surgery. The surgeon may also fit the crown.

After evaluating the results of the examination, the dental surgeon prepares a treatment plan. The surgeon will explain the plan and give the advice to prepare for the procedure. 

Course of Antibiotics 

Your body may attack the implants/transplants. This is the reason why the dental surgeon will give you immunosuppressant drugs. You will be given antibiotics before fitting dental implants. If you are suffering from some chronic condition then you need antibiotics before and after the procedure. 

Body Preparation 

If the surgery is under general anaesthesia then you need to fast for 12 hours before the procedure. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. 

Jaw Preparation 

Your jaw may not be able to properly anchor the implant. The dental surgeon needs to improve the structure of your jaw. There are different ways for a jaw’s structure improvement including: 

  • The surgeon may reshape or smooth the jaw. 
  • Sometimes the jaw is too bulky or large. The surgeon may have to remove some jaw bone. 
  • The surgeon also removes impacted teeth if there is any inside the jaw. 

Your jaw needs some time to heal before you go for the procedure. 

Preparation for After-Care  

Expect some swelling and soreness after each surgery. Rest and heal. Take leave from work for a few days to make arrangements such as: 

  • Stock up pain medications and soft foods. 
  • Avoid social engagements or work for two days. 
  • Maintain a light schedule for the post-surgery week.   
  • Avoid exercising for a few days. 
  • Make childcare arrangements for two days after getting dental implants. 

How Does Preparation Affect

The time, cost and success of the procedure depend on the preparation as well. Recovery also depends on your preparation. Strictly follow before and after surgery instructions provided by the dental surgeon. Visit the best dental implant clinic in Delhi for dental implants.