Greet your loved ones with fresh colorful blooms!

The gesture of surprising your dear ones with a gift has evolved over the years. Earlier it used to be a hassle to try and deliver a gift to a friend or relative in another state. But now, with the rise of e-commerce, and online gift shops people do not have to stress over distances anymore. Gifts are a remarkable way of connecting two hearts together, the choice of a perfect gift can signal how well you know that person. With the ease of online delivery, your chosen gift can be delivered anywhere in India, sometimes within the same day itself. Online sites like Oyegifts give you the assurance of quick express delivery that guarantees that your loved one will get the gift on the same day of ordering. The ease of choosing a gift and placing an order in addition to the promise of timely service has made these gifting portals extremely important in today’s day and age.

Gifting shops have now started to categorize their gifts according to occasions too. This further enhances the appeal of shopping online for customers. You can just go and browse gifts for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, and not worry about the appropriateness of the gift for the occasion. Online gifting shops like Oyegifts save you a lot of time, and you wouldn’t get such attractive discounts either at your local gift shops. You can order a bouquet today, and it will reach your relative or friend in Bhopal on the same day! There is no requirement for a long-time preparation for choosing a gift anymore, online sites do you a massive service by streamlining the process and making thousands of unique gifts accessible to you at your fingertips.

Brighten the day with wonderful flowers!

All gifts communicate certain emotions to the receiver, but perhaps flowers do the job best. The customs of gifting flowers have been around for a long time, since the Victorian era, but the tradition has changed somewhat. While the strict rules for gifting flowers and their hidden meaning is not so much followed in modern times, the custom of gifting flowers to express emotions, and using different hues and species to convey different feelings are still done today!

A list for your ease

Lily Bouquets

Lilies are wonderful flowers ripe with symbolism. They come in many colours, and shapes and can be used to convey femininity, love as well as grief. White lilies are extensively used to express grief, particularly in the United Kingdom. Red lilies are often gifted to express love and passion, and gifting a bunch of lilies will surely please your loved ones with its lovely scent.

Rose bouquets

Roses are perhaps the most popular flower out there, and they are in demand for events like Valentine’s Day. The national flower of the United States has been the enduring symbol of love and passion. Even the specific number of stems in a bouquet can express different emotions! Red roses are used to express passion and is generally a lover’s gift while white roses can symbolize humility and innocence.

Iris bouquets

Irises have rich mythology associated with them, that dated back to the period of Ancient Greece. Iris was a goddess of the rainbow and she was also the messenger of other gods like Hera and Zeus. Now, the irises are used to mean hope, wisdom and trust. They come in different colours like purple, yellow, white and blue. Perhaps the most common in bouquets are the purple irises, which express wisdom and signify royalty.


They are perhaps not so much loved as roses or lilies, but peonies hold their own in a flower arrangement. The name of the flower originates from Greek mythology, and it is related to a student of medicine and healing. They come in many sizes and peonies are known to represent ideas like honour and riches. It plays a big role in China, where it enjoys the status of the country’s official emblem.

Orchid bouquets

 These are the most coveted flowers, and they have high ornamental value in bouquets. They are delicate and they bring the exotic factor in flower arrangements. They come in varieties of colours too, and different colours hold different meanings. The pink orchids are used for expressing pure affection and the red orchids are good for conveying love and affection. Purple orchids, just like purple orchids, are used to convey and signify dignity and royalty. Sending a fresh bouquet of orchids for special occasions is a great idea.

Flowers hold a special place in people’s hearts and perhaps very few gifts can invoke the same joy as seeing a fresh bunch of blooms. Flowers have their place in every celebration, be it a birthday, wedding or Mother’s Day. Oyegifts always does a good job of delivering fresh flowers to their destination without damaging the quality and beauty of bouquets.