Types Of Delicious Indian Food Thali

Whether you may have tried the food of the different countries and different places. But the food which you get to eat in India, that food or that type of food you never get to eat anywhere. As you know, India is known as a spice country. But if you eat the food of all parts of India, then you find that you get completely different types of food to eat. Whether you find that may be some spices are the same, but the use of them may be different. Whether all food which you eat in India is so delicious and tasteful. But when it comes to Indian thali, then you may be amazed. Whether by just seeing the Indian thali or whether when you eat the Indian thali. Whether after that you want nothing to want, whether not only in India but whether out of India as well. Because you not only get to eat only one or two Indian thali, but you may get almost that number of Indian thali to eat. Whether that number of states the Indian country has. So you just think how much amazing food you are going to eat, whether in each Indian thali. So today I will introduce you to some of the Indian thali, which you may like the most. 

Punjabi thali 

Firstly, I want to introduce you to the most exciting people in India. Whether they are none other than Punjabi. Whether just like them, there is thali who are also like them as well. Before I tell you about the food, which you get in their thali. Whether you can buy or order the Punjabi thali like you buy rakhi gifts. I want to give you a warning as well, whether the food that the Punjabis made has a lot of butter. So if you think that you can digest that butter, then you should try their thali. Now I will tell you about the food, which you get in their thali. Makke Di Roti, Sarso Da Sagh, Aloo Kulcha, Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Punjabi chole, Aloo Paratha, and many more things. The list is so long that I get tired of explaining it to you. But you have to understand one thing as well, whether the thali gets over not. When you finish all the food that is in the thali, the thali gets over when you drink a glass of lassi as well. Because no matter how much you eat, without a glass of lassi the Punjabi thali never gets over. 

Rajasthani thali 

Whether you want to taste or want awesome hospitality, then you can taste the Rajasthani thali. If you see the tagline of Rajasthan, then you find how warm welcome the Rajasthani do to their guests. When you see the Rajasthani thali, you find that it is old dishes with new dishes in them as well. If you see the Rajasthani thali, you find that it has roti, parathas, kachauri, and pooris which are all made from wheat flour. But you know that the rotis are not only made from wheat flour but of bajra, makka and jowar as well. Whether without two famous food of the Rajasthan, the Rajasthani thali not get completed. Whether the thali must have Daal bati churma and Gatte ki sabzi. When you eat Rajasthani thali and see their hospitality then you find the royal taste in it. So you should try the Rajasthani thali once for sure. 

Bengali thali 

Whether if you want to find a thali, which first gives tear in your eyes and then sweets in your mouth. Then you must try the thali of Bengal. Whether in the Bengali thali you find them both, spices and sweet both in a great number. Whether you can have this thali delivery at home, just like you have online gift delivery. Whether on a special occasion, which was happening in the Bengal, then that time the payesh made. Whether the payesh is made mainly from rice. Whether the thali has Shukto, Aloo, Potol, Kumro, Begun, Uuche bhaja. Whether it had Rosogolla, Mishti doi, Kalo jaam, Rabri, Gujis, Jibe goja, Shondesh, and many sweets you get into your thali. 

Gujarati thali 

Whether in the Gujarati thali, if you eat spicy food in that also you get a sweet flavour. Because in most of the Gujarat food the sweet thing is used. Whether you find many types of snacks in the Gujarati thali. Whether like thepla, maal purah, bhakhri, puran poli, khakhra, dal dhokli, dhokla, undhiyu, khaman, fafda, sev mamra, and many more snacks as well. Whether with it you get to eat steak and much more food as well. So you should try a Gujarati thali once in your life. 

So whether I explain to you some of the Indian thali, and whether also many things you also get to know about this thali as well. So you should try this thali and then get the actual taste of Indian thali.