You Can’t Kill These Top 10 Plants

Having some hardy yet cheerful plants in our midst help us to feel more alive. Plants have exceeded themselves in every manner, from forgetting our sorrows to providing us with beneficial properties inherent to their existence. We can have a difficult time nurturing them at times. Seriously, they are worth every effort you put forward, which you may or may not be aware of at the time. But, as soon as they bless you with their inherent properties, you will undoubtedly do so. Plants are something that most of us enjoy, but let’s be honest, who has all of the time in the world to juggle work commitments with them, right? If you want to enhance your home, you can do so with some thorny plants to eradicate. These hardy plants don’t require a lot of attention or maintenance on your part. They are not drought or frost tolerant in the least. You can buy plants online and at a local nursery, depending on your preferences. We understand that you are interested in learning the names of these indoor plants that are difficult to kill. Therefore we have compiled a list of the plants that fall into this category for you. Some of these plants are categorised as air purifier plants online, while others are labelled as Feng Shui plants, ornamental plants, and outdoor plants, among other things.


One of the best flowering plants outdoors is the daylily, an attractive choice for anyone seeking a flowering plant. These plants will certainly add beauty to your space, and they are also highly drought, flood, and erosion tolerant. Daylily flowers are available in every colour imaginable, except for blue and pure white. Each of these blooms has a distinctive trumpet shape that can be triangular, circular, double, star-shaped or spidery in appearance. This attracts the attention of all plant enthusiasts.

2. Hens and Chicks 

This perennial succulent is ideal for rock gardens, and it can only be killed by overwatering. It is easy to grow and maintain. During the summer, these gorgeous flowering plants can reach heights of 3 to 6 inches and spread out to a width of up to 20 inches. Allow the plant to receive full sun to light shade, and make sure that it is planted in well-drained soil to ensure success.

3. Hosta

Hosta has to be one of the most straightforward plants to grow in the shade. This flowering plant is available in various sizes, forms, and colours of blooms, among other characteristics. The majority of hosta blooms are purple, white, or lavender. Hostas thrive in damp soil but are careful not to overwater them, or they will become diseased.

4. Yarrow

Plant these fragrant beauties as soon as the summer season begins to approach. Yarrows are available in a variety of colours, including yellow, white, red, and pink. They grow from 6 inches to 4 feet tall and 18 to 24 inches wide. It is one of those flowering plants that can be grown in any soil and has a long blooming season compared to other flowering plant species of the same kind.

5. Coneflower

In recent years, coneflowers have gained popularity as a garden staple due to their easy-going nature. They require well-drained soil to thrive, and they do well in both full sun and moderate shade conditions. Garden friends such as butterflies, bees, and birds are drawn to these flowers because of their attractiveness.

6. Cosmos 

Also known by their scientific name, Cosmos bipinnatus, cosmos are well-known for their large, showy blossoms. The plant self-seeds even after being established as a perennial plant in its own right. From summer to winter, it becomes everyone’s favourite backyard activity.

7. Sedum

Sedum flowers, which are very similar to pentas in appearance, tend to bloom in various colours, including yellow, orange, red, pink, and white. Some plants make excellent border plants, but others are more suitable as ground cover plants, and so on. Sedum plants can grow from 2 inches to 2 feet in height and width.

8. Zinnia

The drought and flood resistance of zinnia plants make them appear to be too good to be true. They are also disease resistant. They can reach heights of up to 3 feet. And their blossoms will last till the first frost has arrived.

9. Petunia

This flowering plant has a large number of hybrids available to choose from. Petunias were once thought to be disease-prone and in need of deadheading. However, this is no longer the case. Petunias can thrive in both direct sunshine and indirect sunlight.

10. Yucca 

Are you looking for a focal point for your backyard? Yuccas are drought-tolerant plants with white flowers and prickly foliage attractive to people of all ages and backgrounds. This flower, on the other hand, will be ideal for you. Its bluish-green leaves with white patterning on the edges are what give it such a breathtakingly beautiful appearance.

Send indoor plants online and make your near and dear ones happy. Moreover, to protect yourself from these plants, put them in your garden, your backyard, on your roof, or in other indoor locations where you will be exposed to them.