Details about the Educational Scholarships available in Kuala Lumpur

It is quite a common notion in the domain of education, irrespective of cities, states and nations, that no deserving student or capable learner should be deprived of attaining knowledge, particularly due to inadequate financial supply. Education, in the present era, is considered to be one of the predominant necessities to lead a standardized life. This is the reason, parents being the foremost well-wishers prefer to enrol their children in the best possible schools and colleges, matching their affordability parameters.

Malaysia is well known for its politically stable economy and its capital, Kuala Lumpur is the hub of various cultures and a blissful combination of urban cities and rustic wildlife. Being a multicultural society, the education system of the country is methodically designed to meet the needs of students all across the globe keeping the fee structure within one’s means. Nowadays, according to multiple surveys and close observations, there has been an escalated preference for international schools for many families, despite knowing the fact that the school fees of these schools are quite towering.

In order to sort out the financial hindrances, many educational institutions have come forward with the provision of educational scholarships to brighten up the future of capable aspirants. In countries like Malaysia, monetary grants are provided mostly by colleges and universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs and even for further higher studies. Fortunately, a number of international schools in Kuala Lumpur offer economic aid and scholarships programs to lessen the financial burden on parents and encourage the students to invest their time, energy, and dedication more in their aimed endeavours.

These scholarships programs are designed for both national and international students from grades 1 to 12, regulated by a set of eligibility criteria based on educational results and financial background and can be categorised under means cum merit-based, talent-based, and merit-based scholarships.  According to the International Monetary Funds, Malaysia has the 6th largest economy in Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur is becoming the educational destination for many Asian students for its high-quality education and impressive scholarship programs, especially for international students. Under the sponsorship of the Global School Foundation, there are four scholarship cycles for every academic year in many international schools and each cycle lasts for three months.

The Scholarships Programmes in the international schools in Kuala Lumpur are offered to reward and encourage talented students on the basis of their commendable performance in academics, sports, art and crafts, and other capabilities and also the combinations of all of these. Among the several top-rated international schools in Malaysia, GIIS in Kuala Lumpur is the most preferred school by many parents as well as students- having situated in 7 countries with 22 campuses across the world, more than 1000 faculty members, and 20,000+ active students.

Educational Scholarship programs at GIIS, Kuala Lumpur

GIIS has structured an intelligible fees format that includes the amount for a one-time payment, term charges, annual charges and transportation fees. The fee structure of GIIS is quite affordable as compared to other international schools. Focussing on the educational scholarship initiative, the co-founder and executive chairman of Global Schools Foundation, Mr Atul Termunikar, states that it is an initiative to make quality and world-class education accessible to every student. He further states that the scholarship programs are an extension and an integral part of GIIS’s commitment to provide an equal opportunity to every child to get global exposure and study an international-level curriculum across GIIS campuses.

The following scholarships are offered by GIIS to its deserving aspirants:


Grades – 11 and 12

Tenure – 2 years

Category A – 100% waiver on tuition fee + hostel fees

Category B – 75% waiver on tuition fees + hostel fees


Grades – 1 to 12            

Tenure – 1 year

Category A – 60% waiver on tuition fees

Category B – 40% waiver on tuition fees

Category C – 20% waiver on tuition fees


Grades – 1 to 12          

Tenure- 1 year

Category A – 19% waiver on tuition fees

Category B – 15% waiver on tuition fees

Category C – 9% waiver of tuition fees

Category D – 6% waiver on tuition fees


Grades – 1 to 12            

Tenure – 2 years

Category A – 80% off on tuition fees

Category B – 35% off on tuition fees

Category C – 25% off on tuition fees

Category D – 15% off on tuition fees


Grades – 9 to 12              

Tenure – 2 years

Category A – 15% off on tuition fees

Category B – 12% off on tuition fees

Category C – 9% off on tuition fees

Category D – 6% off on tuition fees

Grades – 7 to 8                

Tenure – 2 years

Category A – 6% off on tuition fees

Category B – 4% off on tuition fees

So let’s not waste any time and quickly get in touch with the admission team of GIIS, to block a seat froy your child.

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