Is PNB Housing Finance FD Beneficial?

When it comes to investing your savings, fixed deposits became one of the safest and most preferred investment avenues for many decades. Fixed deposits help you handle your financial risks and help achieve your goals at different life stages. These could entail strengthening your child’s future or as a fence against unexpected expenditures. Such deposits are also an intelligent way to see your savings increase.

Choosing the right financial institution for your fixed deposit is a crucial step. Read on to know why choosing financial institutes like PNB Housing Finance is beneficial for customers.

What is a Fixed Deposit?

A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a safe and secure investment instrument through which applicants can gain a higher rate of interest set side by side to a regular savings account. It comes with a flexible tenure that ranges between 7 days to 10 years, allowing applicants to decide the term of their fixed deposit. Fixed deposits come with extra benefits that vary from lender to lender. Individuals who choose to invest in financial institutes like PNB Housing fixed deposit have many advantages, and it provides the best fixed deposit interest rate in India.

Why Invest in PNB Housing Finance?

PNB Housing is a renowned housing finance company that holds 2nd position in India. Let us examine all the features that make investing in PNB Housing fixed deposit an enduring investment alternative.

  1. Flexible Tenure and Investment: PNB Housing fixed deposit lets the investors choose the tenure of their fixed deposit as per their convenience. The term of the fixed deposit ranges from 1 year up to 10 years. The interest rate of the fixed deposit depends on the tenure. PNB Housing fixed deposit also offers the flexibility of funds to fixed deposit investors. You can invest at least INR 10,000 to open a PNB Housing fixed deposit account. There are no maximum limits.
  2. Higher Rate of Interest for Senior Citizens: PNB Housing Finance offers interest rates ranging between 5.90% and 6.70% on fixed deposits and the best fixed deposit rate in India. The interest rate is usually 0.25% higher than standard rates for senior citizens.

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  1. Loan Facility: The investment made in PNB Housing fixed deposit scheme is not only a dependable investment option but can also act as a property. PNB Housing offers you secured loans against fixed deposits available for up to 75% of the total primary deposit. The interest rate of this loan is 2% higher than the maximum fixed deposit interest rate.
  2. Premature Withdrawal: You can withdraw from your PNB Housing fixed deposit account anytime after three months from the date of deposit. An interest of 4% per annum will be paid to you if you make a premature withdrawal within six months from the date of deposit. PNB Housing fixed deposit offers flexible withdrawal options and involves no processing fee.
  3. Brilliant Customer Service: With over 100 branches across 35 cities in India, PNB Housing’s widespread network is easy to reach out to. They have dedicated customer service managers who help out in clarifying all the queries of their customers. PNB Housing also offers doorstep services for their fixed deposit customers. Their representatives meet up with the customer and pick up the application from the customer’s residence to make opening PNB Housing fixed deposit account hassle-free.


Unlike investments, there are no risks and downfalls in fixed deposits on returns, making it the most trustworthy, safe, and strategic investment avenue in India. Moreover, people of all ages starting from twenty-one and especially retired senior citizens can enjoy the interest on their deposits monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis as per their requirements. Needless to say, investing in PNB Housing fixed deposit is indeed a wise decision.