Top 5 Blockchain Gaming Companies in 2021

Blockchain gaming or crypto-gaming are the new concepts. Anyhow, this concept is rising rapidly. That’s why hundreds of blockchain gaming companies have emerged. Thousands of blockchain gaming companies are working on these projects. To provide a new gaming experience to the tech-savvy base, we try to introduce new technology in the gaming industry. With the introduction of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, the expenditures of consumers on games will grow up to $180.1 billion in 2021. The online gaming sector has also kicked up blockchain emerging technology to provide a hassle-free and quick experience. Here, we will discuss the top five blockchain gaming companies in 2021.

Dapper Labs:

It is one of the best blockchain gaming companies that has introduced this trend in 2017. For the gamers, they have introduced CryptoKitties. It means that they have introduced the play to earn culture in the blockchain gaming companies with the introduction of NFTs and crypto-related platforms. Anyhow, the popularity of these games has decreased. That’s why Dapper Labs has started to work on new projects. Cheese Wizards is the latest product of Dapper Labs. Therefore, we can say that Dapper Labs has played an important role in the blockchain gaming economy. Without Dapper Labs, we can’t see the blockchain gaming economy in this way. We may have to observe it in a new way. It is the cornerstone of the gaming industry. That’s why we have kept this company at the top of the list.

Sky Mavis:

This company is behind the Axie Infinity. Nowadays, it has become one of the best blockchain gaming companies in the space. Along with getting successes in the blockchain gaming industry, it is also providing support to various players in the industry. The Axie Infinity is the best example of these players. Axie Infinity is at the top of the best NFT games list. Just like other NFT games, we can also use it to play and trade on OpenSea. Moreover, the players can also breed and sell new ones. Axie Infinity is the best example of play to earn games in the blockchain industry. It has made it possible for the players to earn money by playing games. That’s why it has become a lucrative method to earn money in third world countries. Along with getting a unique gaming experience, the players can also earn money.


In blockchain gaming companies, it has become the central element. If we observe Open Sea from the gaming manufacturing point of view, we know that it is not a gaming company. Anyhow, it is providing NFT trading platforms to the gaming industry. By using this platform, the players can easily buy and sell tokens. They can also use them for the auction of tokens in the OpenSea. We can easily use these tokens for playing blockchain games. Along with providing the best gaming platform, it is also providing the best trading platform to blockchain gaming lovers. The users can’t use this platform to buy and sell only gaming NFTs. They can also use it to trade other forms of NFTs. In these other forms of NFTs, there comes collectables and art content etc. That’s why the sales of this platform have exceeded billions of dollars.

Mythical Games:

Told by a dissertation help firm, it is also among the largest blockchain gaming companies. In 2020, this company has introduced the Blankos Block Part game. Blockchain game lovers have enjoyed the interface of this game. Just like some other games in the blockchain industry, they have not launched pre-sale tokens. Anyhow, to get the attention of the players, it has released alpha versions of the games. This thing is showing that this company has adopted a community-based development approach. For example, they have introduced a different version of Mythical Games. For the marketing of the games, this company is also using a new approach. It means this company is emphasizing player-led economics. These things have made this company-worthy among the list of the best blockchain gaming companies.


This company has introduced an online gaming platform among blockchain gaming companies. To show different approaches among the gaming industries, it is working on unique projects. For example, they allow the players to sell and buy virtual lands. They can sell and buy virtual lands in the form of crypto tokens. After decorating and presenting the lands, they can easily sell these lands. The buyers can use this land for virtual stores and art galleries etc. This gaming industry has also introduced an avatar system for the players. By using this system, they can get enough tools to make their space. One day, this company will create a proper Metaverse. Here, we will observe overlapping and connection of the physical space and virtual space. Somnium Space and CryptoVoxels are the best projects of this company.

No doubt, these gaming projects don’t have enough influence in the blockchain gaming industry. Its reason is that they are still trying to introduce something unique and interesting in the crypto industry. For example, the blockchain gaming companies are working on the Voxie Tactics. By using these tactics, the users can easily buy Voxies and they can also use its unique characters. Anyhow, their community-focused approach has made it unique among the players. If you want to play these games, you don’t need to invest money. No doubt, you can’t complete your list without mentioning Animoca brands. Its reason is that they are developers and publishers of various blockchain games. Moreover, they are also serving as investors for blockchain gaming companies.


No doubt, blockchain gaming is relatively a new concept in the gaming industry. Anyhow, its acceptance in the gaming industry is rapidly increasing. Lots of existing and aspiring blockchain gaming companies are developing and providing the best games to the players. For example, Dapper Labs is providing the best play to earn games for the gamers. Sky Mavis is providing the best NFT games in the form of NFT games. These games allow the users to sell and buy in OpenSea. OpenSea is allowing the players to sell and buy tokens in the blockchain gaming world. Decentraland is providing a unique experience to the players. The players can easily buy and sell virtual land.