Useful Maintenance Tips For Preserving Air Compressor

Air compressor is an essential part of the industries that convert power into pressurized air. As the name itself say, air compressor, it’s widely used among wide ranges of industries in filling cylinders and many more. Air compressors are expensive and hence it is necessary to maintain it properly, in rare cases, the air compressors can explode if their serious signs are ignored. Always take advice from experts while purchasing Industrial Air Compressor to choose the right product.

Industrial Air Compressor

To Prevent The Unnecessary Expense Of Air Compressor Repairs, Keep On Reading The Blog Till The End!

  1. Read the air compressor manual properly

The first mistake that most of the people does by reading manually roughly. But for operating the compressor in a correct way, it’s important to read the manual properly and go through all dos and don’ts.

  1. Drain the moisture from the tank completely

The receiver tank collects the moisture from the air, the compressor has a valve for draining the extra accumulated moisture. Drain the moisture regularly if you live in a humid climate.

  1. Clean intake vents properly

Don’t force the compressor to work too hard to intake air, it will lead to more power consumption. Forcing the compressor to work will degrade the quality of the machine so; keep your intake vent clean as much as possible.

  1. Tight all fasteners

As the air compressor runs, it works hard and causes intense vibrations all over, the vibration makes the bolt lose.

  1. Keep an eye on hoses regularly

Hoses are said to be veins of compressors so, always keep an eye on the hoses to ensure the smooth running of the compressor. Hoses are likely to become corroded and get cracked and it may lead to leakage. Ensure regular hose check and replace it if it’s damaged or cracked.

  1. Regularly test safety shutdown system

The compressor has a built-in shut down in case the engine is getting hotter. Regular testing of the test safety shutdown function will ensure you to maintain the compressor for long-lasting.

  1. Check and replace air filters as needed

Check filters of air compressor regularly to ensure there is no heavy build-up on it. It’s advised to change the filter of the air compressor every 6 months if you use it more frequently.

  1. Clean the fuel tank

Clean the fuel tank regularly to ensure there is no residual build-up inside it. Cleaning fuel regularly is important to preserve the long life of the air compressors and optimal performance.

  1. Check compressor oil

If you are using oil to operate the compressor, make sure the oil is up to the top level and keep changing the oil after every 500 to 1000 hours of functioning.

  1. Clean heat exchangers regularly

Dirty heat exchangers can’t do their job properly if they are not clean so, clean them regularly to maintain the optimal temperature.

Final words,

Hope you found the article useful and helpful for maintaining the air compressor in good condition. Follow the above tips regularly to keep your air compressor working productively with good performance. There are various types of compressors available in the market such as Portable Air Compressors and many more. Invest in premium quality for a long-lasting guarantee.

Source: Useful Maintenance Tips For Preserving Air Compressor