Wear your Boho Kaftan Short Dress in Style!

Initially spotted back in the Mesopotamian region while the kingdom still thrived, kaftans boast of royal ancestry.

Kaftans is similar to a robe or a tunic that has been worn in some regions and across widely different cultures and nations. It has also been worn in the Asiatic origin with equal grace. 

However, with time, the design and the material of the kaftans have changed. Back in ancient times, kaftans were worn out of wool, cashmere, silk, and more, usually found in silk, cotton, polyester, chiffon, georgette, and other materials.

The Earliest Kaftans

As we have previously discussed, kaftans were first discovered in Mesopotamia. It was equally famous in the other Islamic nations, predominantly as a men’s dress.

The kaftans worn in the Islamic countries were a rich dress and, thus, were synonymous with wealth and luxury, later absorbed in a range of other countries and cultures. Still, the connotation, however, remained the same. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, when the granddaughter of Queen Victoria married Czar Nicholas II, she turned Czarina. She was photographed with a traditional dress quite similar to a kaftan.

The Bohemian Tinge of the Kaftans

Kaftans are loose, flow, and comfortable dresses made of various fabrics and composed of different embroidered materials. These dresses are a significant part of the dresses for the people living in Islamic countries in the past. However, that again is quite synonymous with the bohemian lifestyle that people used to live back then.

The bohemian echoes emerged from the distant past and are still felt the same when talking about the kaftans. Bohemians and enthusiasts of bohemian lifestyles love this dress and all the freedom it offers its wearers. 

Wearing Boho Kaftan Short Dress

“Boho kaftan” is often the name given to the kaftan dresses that are flower and more like bohemians, which is a significant ingredient to complete the bohemian look of yours that you have—always craved!

Boho kaftans or bohemian kaftans are available in a range of different styles, much like the other kaftans, and are worn both by young and old simply because of their comfortability. Among all The Types Of boho kaftans available, boho kaftan short dresses have a different fanbase.

These kaftan dresses ooze casualty and is of vibrant colors to signify leisure.

Where to wear a boho kaftan short dress satisfyingly?

As already mentioned, boho kaftan short dresses are enjoyed by a mass, who love them and even turn them into daily wear. However, if you are new to these dresses but are still fascinated by them, you can try them out in quite some places.

Wear it on the beach

Beaches are full of colors, different shades of blue, the white of the clouds, and the colorful garments of people worldwide. This is why you should also hit the beach with your favorite attire on. 

Boho short kaftans make it amazing to look at when worn to a beach. They are airy and colorful while being quick and comfortable, which makes them look whole.

Wear to a formal or casual occasion

Whether it is a formal occasion that you are planning to hit or a casual occasion that you need to go to, you should always prefer comfortability over anything else.

Not – Wearing a boho kaftan short dress is a strict no-no as formal office wear. However, in many cases, long kaftans can go even as formal office wear if it is of traditional, solid color and displays minimal designs.

This being said, short boho kaftans fit perfectly if a formal dinner date or a meeting is said to be a formal occasion. At the same time, they are often among some of the best choices for casual wear.

Kaftans seem to be aware of your body and almost always fit in perfectly on anyone. The same goes for boho kaftans. No matter the size or shape of a woman’s body, a kaftan is all they need to highlight their best parts and hide their flaws effortlessly.

For instance, women with a bigger bust can enjoy a more than flattering appearance with a kaftan that comes with long sleeves and a lower V-neck.

Furthermore, if you are planning to develop a boho-chic, you can go for a pair of flat sandals of leather or artificial leather and carry a soft shoulder handbag. A couple of casual or designer sunglasses also look fantastic!

In the end

Boho kaftan dresses would look amazing on anyone anytime. Don’t forget to try going bohemian for the love of kaftans!