What makes Car Auction So Important

In 2021, the used vehicle auction market grew by 6.5% compared to 2020, with more than one billion dollars in transactions. On websites specializing in auctions, consumers and Internet users are increasingly familiar with this type of purchase for their vehicles or other consumer goods.

The interest of the auction is also that of savings. Indeed, buying your used vehicle at auction also allows you to pay for it below the Argus rating. The vehicles often come from individuals or from a fleet of companies that have been recovered during judicial seizures (auction of confiscated cars). There are also sales sites specializing in this type of transaction.

The New Trick Of The Moment Is To Buy Your Used Car At Auction.

Some tips before buying a vehicle at auction: make sure that the organization conducting the auction offers you insurance if the car has a mechanical problem that you become aware of sometime after the purchase. Indeed, some vehicles, especially those of companies, are not necessarily very well maintained and you could miss a mechanical problem. Generally, you will not be able to test drive the vehicle before its auction, but if you can, do so. Again, in-Car auction these are essential.

On the other hand, get a certificate of the administrative situation (certificate of non-pledge) to ensure that the vehicle is not the object of opposition to the registration (in the event of non-payment of fines by the former owner, for example). The last thing, don’t forget that you will undoubtedly have to add about sixty dollars to carry out the technical control of the vehicle bought at auction; the technical management carried out for the auction will not be valid for a person-to-person resale because it will be noted.

In general, the vehicle registration card is given to you once the vehicle has been purchased. However, the gray card is sent within 15 days of payment for the vehicle or is not available in some cases.

How To Register A Car Bought At Auction?

To make the changes of owners on the gray card, all you have to do is order your gray card online. Here is the list of documents to provide:

  • A valid proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • The transfer certificate issued by the auction company
  • Payment of the tax amount
  • The current gray card with the mention “sold on” with the date and signature of the seller
  • Proof of technical inspection of fewer than six months if the vehicle is over four years old.

What If I Don’t Have The Vehicle Registration Document?

It is not uncommon for a vehicle sold at auction to lack a registration card. It is still possible to register it, but by carrying out additional formalities. Namely, obtain an isolated acceptance report by the competent deal for overseas departments and territories. If the Car you bought at auction belongs to the estates, you can hand over the green card to the prefecture. By the time you receive your registration certificate at your home in a secure envelope, you will be able to drive legally for a month with your auction certificate and your invoice.

What Is An Auctioned Car?

First of all, it is interesting to remember that the vehicles sold at auction come from the fleets of companies or individuals following judicial seizures. They may also have been damaged or stolen, in which case the auctioneer must inform the audiences present at the auction.

Even though they are offered under the Argus rating, the cars sold at auction are not necessarily opportunities to be seized. Indeed, they may have hidden defects, faults, or even be poorly maintained. The worst part is that these vehicles generally cannot be tested. In addition, they do not benefit from any guarantee. Therefore, vigilance is required when planning to buy a car at auction.

How Does A Car Auction Go?

An auction is done either by show of hands or out loud. It is up to the auctioneer to propose a higher bid. It is advisable not to start bidding at the start of the auction. Indeed, it is preferable to let the others begin and to intervene only when the rhythm of the auctions slows down. Be careful, however, not to exceed the planned budget.

It is not uncommon to see the car of your dreams fall into the hands of another buyer. In this case, falling back on another car on a whim is the worst mistake. Instead, waiting for the next sale is the best decision. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a more exciting car.