5 Incredible Ways Out to Complications Occur During Vaping

Despite being a relatively new phenomenon, vaping has been catching on in recent years. The appeal is understandable – it’s easy to enjoy and convenient when you’re out with friends or at work. However, there are those times where things go wrong and frustration sets in. 

It can be a frustrating experience when things go wrong. All you need is our handy guide to help solve the problem. With vaping, it’s important not only that everything works as intended. But also how enjoyable your vape session will be and what type of flavors and custom vape packaging are available for personal preference. 

 There are many problems that people face during their vape sessions such as running low on fluid or even finding themselves unable to reach desired nicotine levels due to too high-strength e-juices used previously. 

You might be wondering how you can avoid this. Here are some of the simple ways to deal with vaping complications: 

Fixing liquid leaks 

Some vapers have experienced liquid leaking from their device, running down all over their hands. This is a common problem caused by either the coil needing replacement or your e-liquid level being too low at that point. You can easily solve this problem by doing simple troubleshooting. 

The first thing you should do is check whether the device’s drip tip is dry or not. Since most of the time, it might be due to your e-liquid level running low. Thus leading to liquid seeping through the center air hole. 

Running Battery Can Get Low: 

You’re settling in to enjoy your evening when suddenly the sound of a dying battery robs you of all hope. The worst part is that it happens so often. 

Vaping batteries are notorious for running out at exactly the wrong time. Like when there’s no charger left or right before an important party where vaping would have made things much more interesting. 

One of the reasons that this happens so often is that the e-cig batteries are running low. You can forget to charge your battery or you may have forgotten for too long and now it’s going to die soon. 

The first thing you should do when a battery is running low is regulated the voltage settings. There might be times when your vape is charging and will go for a long time or maybe for the short term. 

In both cases, you need to regulate the voltage accordingly. Once the battery is low, it’s always a good idea to slow down and take smaller puffs. Pulling on your e-cig at a higher voltage means that the vapor coming from your atomizer will be hotter. It can also be harsher on your throat as well as lungs. 

If you’re having trouble getting your tank to heat up, it’s possible that the battery is dirty and needs to get clean. Take out the batteries from their connections by using a cloth or cotton bud with alcohol on them. Rub down both parts of where they connect together until they are clean then reinsert them into place one at a time and try again. 

An Empty Atomizer: 

Ever accidentally knock your vape tank and receive an error message on the display?. Those messages can be frustrating, but for those who don’t know how to fix it there is good news. Tanks are usually disconnected or crooked in some way. A different connection will solve this issue. Make sure you check if its a tight coil or lose one that needs fixing first before investing in another expensive piece of equipment. 

Inhale and hold the hit as you slowly unscrew the top part of the atomizer from the bottom. Hold for 10 seconds then inhale when you’re ready, if it’s empty you should be able to get a nice long pull. 

Check List For Your Vaping Device: 

If your device is not working, you may need to check a few things. 1. Check the battery and make sure it’s fully charged; 

2.if there isn’t enough power, it won’t deliver pokes as we want them. 

3. Without connections, messages can’t be delivered from your vape to you – and without that message (or draw) there are no clouds coming out. 

4. changing up coils may do the trick since as we know they’re what makes vapor happen anyway. So chances are good this time will get those sweet puffs back with yet another fresh new coil ready and waiting. 

Also, remember that constantly depressing the button might be what’s turning off our vape. So try switching up how you click on this one for the best results. 

Irritating And Babbling Sound During Vaping: 

  1. If your vaping device is making an unusual noise, try flicking it to dislodge any bubbles that have gathered. Gurgling happens when the vape juice isn’t free-flowing and can happen for no apparent reason 

2. don’t overfill your tank if you want a happy vaper. Do not overfill your tank, most tanks are designed to stop you from doing that anyway. Once it is filled just screw the top back on and you are good to go. 

3.It is easy to clean the tank of a vaporizer by removing it from its base and unscrewing the mouthpiece. Once you have removed all pieces, use an alcohol wipe or cotton swab. Use it with dipping in rubbing alcohol (or your preferred cleaner) to remove any gunk that’s accumulated on the atomizers inside. Let everything dry before reassembling and using again. 

Airflow Of Vape Juice: 

Overheating is a common problem for vape mods as using them next to heat sources or in the sun can cause the e-liquid to thin. The coil needs replacing, which you should be able to do yourself with an instant fix. Alternatively, your vaping style may not be compatible. And it’s worth checking if you have the right device for your habits before buying anything new. 

If you return from your trip abroad and there is vape juice in the tank, empty it before flying again. The change in air pressure during a flight can cause substances to be pushed out of tanks. If so, don’t worry; they will likely clear up by themselves soon enough. 


Vaping is a whole new world. It may seem overwhelming at first. But it’s easier than you think and once you get the hang of it, there will be no looking back. As your vaping skills grow over time, do not forget to try different flavors or find ways to extend your vape experience. 

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