Did you know that cigarette can make you lose your erection? Stop it!

Cigarette smoking is probably without a doubt damaging to one’s health. However, many men are likely unaware that smoking is a subtle, insidious assassin of their masculinity. It’s enough to smoke two cigarettes a day, and erectile dysfunction is well under control. Erection difficulties are on the rise, and even relatively young men are becoming aware of this.

Do you have any idea what’s interesting? According to one study, 80% of males suffering from erectile dysfunction are smokers. We’ll figure that one cigarette won’t kill me. Although it is unlikely to cause as much harm, some guys smoke a box of cigarettes per day without blinking. If they realised what was in store for them and what nicotine would do to their bodies, they might turn off the lights. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why quitting smoking is better for our health and intimacy.

It’s smaller now, thanks to nicotine!

Above all, nicotine constricts blood arteries, and the worse their health is, the less blood flow they have. It also causes a reduction in blood flow to the male reproductive organ, as well as a smaller or shorter erection. Men, however, are not the only ones who pay a price for their bad habits. Not just nicotine, but also other toxic chemicals in cigarettes degrade sperm quality and can lead to infertility. Sperm are typically sluggish, lower, or non-existent.

Strong Potency and Fertility = Healthy Lifestyle

Nicotine addiction isn’t the sole factor contributing to sensitive male issues like infertility and impotence. Everyday stress, obesity, a lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle exacerbate the problem. Many women are caught aback when they find that sensual joys with their partner have either ended or can be enjoyed in with a risky outcome. Nobody claims quitting is simple, but it’s worth a shot. Young males try to avoid having children. Older people will put in a lot of effort to improve their health; their blood vessels and arteries will be in better shape, lowering the chance of a heart attack.

Sometimes a little is all that is required.

Treatment for infertility should be left to specialists; it is typically a long-distance journey. But don’t be embarrassed if you have erection problems, and don’t break your cane. Sometimes a little is all that is required, and things are set in motion almost miraculously. Consider certified Fildena 120 mg and Super P Force Tablet, which have no negative side effects and are used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a natural preparation that raises the desire for intimacy, strengthens the erection, and lets the man to fully devote himself to his spouse without fear of bed failure.

Problems in obtaining and maintaining an erection

According to some studies, smoking 10 cigarettes per day raises the risk of erectile dysfunction by a quarter, while smoking 20 cigarettes per day increases the risk by up to half. Whether or not you trust these statistics, smoking has a negative impact on the circulatory system. Alcohol does not strengthen the erection, and unlike cigarettes, you will see the effect of an erection practically instantly if you consume a bigger amount. Aside from the dangers of its appearance, you’ll have a hard time keeping it, which may hinder any bedtime fun.

How Does Quitting Smoking Help Our Intimacy Life?

According to a study, a decrease in libido, which is linked to a reduced ability to be aroused, can lead to sub-optimal sensuous performance, leaving both you and your partner as dry as a rhino without mud. It takes two to tango when it comes to sensuality.

Smoking has been linked to lower physical arousal, appetite, and satisfaction in the bedroom in men, with one study claiming that non-smoking men had intimacy twice as often as their smoking counterparts.

Men with ED problems may benefit from quitting smoking. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to maintain sufficient erections for an extended period of time and fail to satisfy their partners. As a result, for a long erection, choose Malegra 100 Online or Aurogra 100.

Consider all of the advantages of quitting smoking.

Regardless of age, quitting smoking is beneficial – but the sooner you quit, the greater the health benefits! By quitting smoking, you can live longer, healthier years with fewer diseases and a higher quality of life. Just look here:

It becomes easier to breathe after 72 hours – notice the change and go for a long stroll!

After two weeks to three months, your sense of taste and smell will be more satisfying, and you will be able to appreciate exquisite food and drink even more than before you quit smoking!

After 4-6 months, the risk of blood clots is much lower, and symptoms such as cough and mucus in the airways are significantly reduced.

Finally, the risk of dying from a heart attack is cut in half after a year. When compared to the risk of continuing to smoke, the risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half after ten years.