How Is You Kid Benefiting from The Occupational Therapy?

Children Occupational Therapy Adelaide may be a powerful tool for assisting children with disabilities in engaging in meaningful activities that improve their lives. Perhaps your child struggles to eat, and the occupational therapist worked with them to improve the oral-motor skills they required to chew and swallow securely and with good coordination. Perhaps you have a child who struggles with self-help skills, and the occupational therapist-assisted your child with brushing their teeth and dressing themselves.

Motor Skills

Children who have trouble with fine motor skills may benefit from activities designed by their occupational therapist to help them learn to play with toys, handle pencils and scissors, and improve their handwriting ability.

Childrens Occupational Therapy Adelaide

Gross motor skills refer to the body’s large muscles, which are required for crawling, walking, jumping, catching a ball, and other activities. These skills are important for locomotion, stability, postural control, and balance, and Psychology for Childern in Adelaide can help them.


Children with behavioural disorders can improve their ability to maintain positive behaviours in a variety of settings, including the classroom and the home. Their therapist can help them develop constructive coping mechanisms for anger and frustration, such as writing down their feelings or going for a run.


Developing these abilities can help youngsters become more independent and self-assured, which helps prepare them for independent living as adults. Feeding, dressing, and grooming are examples of activities of everyday living. An occupational therapist can assist your kid in completing daily life tasks with greater independence and ease.

Social And Play Skills

Working on the functional play, taking turns, sharing, expressing emotions, interpreting social cues, and other social and play skills with peers can help an occupational therapist improve a child’s social and play abilities with peers. We provide a social group at Chicago Occupational Therapy where children can practise these skills and form peer relationships!

Occupational therapy can help children who are having trouble forming or maintaining positive interactions, such as friendships. There are a variety of reasons why socialisation may be difficult for a youngster, and a therapist will come up with a unique solution for each child. They’ll be able to improve their interpersonal and communication abilities, as well as their focus.

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning, as well as its development, is a talent formulated in the prefrontal cortex, and its wide set of skills is critical to human growth. To increase academic achievement and the ability to conduct everyday activities more autonomously, and Children’s Psychologist in Adelaide can target executive functioning skills such as attention, organisation, initiation, sequencing, and memory.

Occupational therapy has a number of advantages for children who want to be as functional and independent as possible. Occupational therapists are family-centred and take a holistic approach to their work. Upon acquiring these skills, confidence is instilled in the child. They would no more be sitting on the side look at the other children participating, whether in play or conversation. Children Speech Therapy in Adelaide is one of the important aids that you can provide to the ones with a disability.

Looking for occupational therapy for children in Adelaide? Then Making Milestones, we are a well-known name offering Childrens Occupational Therapy Adelaide service with the aim of enhancing skills in individuals after injuries that may lead to permanent disability. Ursula Portolesi, passionate senior speech pathologist, have developed tailored programs that support your child and develop their skills to engage meaningfully in home, school, and community life. Our team can provide assessment and therapy for issues in a range of areas such as coordination, including muscle control and self-care skills, and more. To learn more about therapy services, please visit our website or call us at 08 7082 4233.

Source: How Is You Kid Benefiting from The Occupational Therapy?