Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sri Lanka You Must See in 2021

Marco Polo famously praised Sri Lanka as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. It has a long and illustrious history, and despite its tiny size, it is rich in history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage. Our list of the most beautiful locations to visit in Sri Lanka includes beaches, woods, tea plantations, temples, and much more. On this interesting island, you will have the chance to experience and view a wide range of things. 

Beautiful beaches, old ruins, attractive villages, and local temples abound, not to mention the incredible variety of animals. The good news is that Sri Lanka has recently gained popularity among visitors. That implies that now is the ideal moment to board an aircraft and travel there. You will witness colonial buildings from the days when the Portuguese, Dutch, and English dominated the island. Impressed enough? If planning your next vacation to this serene country. Without any doubt, book etihad airlines reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight to Sri Lanka. A nation that has a lot to offer to its travelers.

Highlighting the finest locations to visit in Sri Lanka are as follows: 

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya, also known as Lion’s Rock, is a magnificent old fort constructed on top of a rock and called for the claws of a colossal lion guarding the entrance. Discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site, commonly referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” on a day excursion from Colombo to Sigiriya. This gem from the fifth century also has a fascinating backstory. King Kashyapa, King Dhatusena’s illegitimate son, stole his throne after his death. Fearing the return of the throne’s true owner, Moggallana, he erected his castle and pleasure palace on top of the Sigiriya rock.

Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth

Kandy is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka and the capital of the last ancient kingdom. It is located in the heart of the island, nestled among magnificent lush green hills. The Temple of the Tooth, one of the holiest Buddhist temples in the world, is located in this lovely city. Learn about the best methods to see Kandy and its attractions. 

Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lankan tea is well-known. There’s no better location to learn about tea than Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya is the country’s tea-producing capital, with a moderate temperature and a height of 1,900 meters (6,100 feet). You may go on a tea garden tour and learn about the process of making tea. This hill country hamlet, called Little England, was founded in the 19th century and quickly became a sanctuary for British colonists. Tourists come to admire the flowers and celebrate the Sri Lankan New Year in April, which is a fantastic time to visit. 

Adam’s Peak

Adams Peak, as it is known among the locals, is a 2.243 m peak in Sri Lanka’s central area of Sri Pada. For the past two thousand years, this magnificent mountain has been a popular pilgrimage destination. It is said to be the imprint of Lord Buddha, according to Buddhist tradition. Instead, it is Adam’s first walk after being expelled from the Garden of Eden for Christians. Hindus, on the other hand, think it is Lord Shiva’s footsteps.

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is a wildlife lover’s dream and one of Asia’s greatest sites to observe animals. In reality, you will be surrounded by an astonishing variety of animals in Yala, the country’s most recognized national park. To view this beautiful wildlife up close, take a safari from Colombo. Yala, in the south-eastern section of the island, is home to the world’s biggest population of leopards. Aside from that, it is home to a diverse range of animals, including buffalo, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, and a large number of birds. 


Visit the well-preserved colonial city of Galle in Sri Lanka’s southwest coast for a peaceful city vacation. The city is full of beautiful Dutch-era homes with views of the ocean. There are plans to visit Galle Fort, a World Heritage Site that was built by the Dutch and is thought to be Asia’s biggest existing European-made coastal fort. Galle is a joy to explore on foot, and most visitors are taken aback by its beauty and charming ambiance. Galle offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy the finest of the city. 


The capital of Sri Lanka, with its rich history, varied culture, and thriving culinary scene, deserves to be more than a footnote to the rest of the country. These are just a few and much more activities you can do when visiting this fascinating and contentious city. Discover much more by planning your trip to Sri Lanka with AirlinesMap and personalized your trip accordingly. And indulge your senses in the rich heritage of Sri Lanka tourist places!