Trishul Home Care Launches Fruit and Veg Soak

Fruits and Vegetables are touched by multiple people during the journey from farmhouse to end-users as they are generally displayed in the open area in the market. Which as a result, they get contaminated with germs and other harmful bacteria, soil, dirt, fungicide, herbicides, and pesticide residues. Disinfecting them accurately is an important and most recommended step you can take to stay healthy and hygienic. During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and its continued effect on the community, using Fruit and Vegetable Disinfectant has now become one of the necessities and even more significant than ever to disinfect the fruits and vegetables.

Trishul Home Care Fruit and Vegetable soak is an all-natural disinfecting product that gently cleans away most of the germs, pesticides, toxic chemicals, soils, pollutants, wax, dirt, and grime. It helps keep the natural taste intact. The main perk of this disinfectant is that it contains no added color or any preservatives leaving any white residues, aftertaste or smell.

One-Stop Solution for Kitchen Care Needs

Trishul Home Care has always been a trusted brand synonymous with the house of cleanliness. The fruit and veg soak disinfectant, like its earlier products such as dishwash gel, is quite popular and trustworthy with the consumers. And the demand has been rapidly increasing recently owing to the deadly germs and diseases during covid-19.

It is one of the most successful kitchen care products available in the industry recommended by everyone that will go a long way in serving its end-users with fresh, safe, and pure fruits and vegetables. Keeping your family and loves ones safe, protected, and in good health.

This product is packed with distinctive characteristics such as chemical-free technology that not only removes toxic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables but also maintains hygiene in your kitchen. It leaves no white residue that usually invariably exists in other household disinfecting products.

Taking extra care and being conscious about maintaining good hygiene in your kitchen is a very good habit. There is nothing wrong with maintaining your surroundings clean, hygienic, and the food items you are taking are properly cleaned and fresh. To disinfect your fruits and vegetables before consuming, Trishul Fruit and Veg Soak available in the market will guarantee proper cleaning.

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