Fitness Based Water Sports Activities for Senior Population

Water Sports Activities for Seniors: old age is the golden era of life when people have all the time to enjoy the things they have missed throughout their life while working hard for their families. They also have the savings to live their life in comfort. The only thing often missing and making a huge difference in their health. The majority of the senior population suffers from arthritis which hinders their movement, thus making them give up on the things they have been putting on their bucket list.

Recent studies have found that water sports and activities have great healing power for joint issues. So, the older adults giving up on their fitness and entertainment because of joint pains can easily indulge in water sports. It will not only treat their ailment but will boost overall health and wellbeing. Learning about a water sport or two can surely boost your motivation.

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Top 7 Water Sports Activities Seniors Should Actively Practice

Time is a blessing and curse for the senior population at the same time. It is a blessing to enjoy life, but it is a curse because they develop health issues that make them dependent on others and feel like a burden. All of this comes from sitting idle and doing nothing. Water sports activities are the genre in which older adults can participate without worrying about health or becoming a burden.

Here are some of the major water sports activities seniors should actively practice staying healthy and fit.

1. Water Walking

Walking is one of the most tiresome activities for the senior population. On the contrary, water walking is not tiring but a healthy water activity they can practice. Walking in the pool can provide their muscles necessary friction and improve their blood pumping. It is a low-impact exercise that will not make them tired but will make them more energetic and fresh.

2. Assisted Swimming

For the older adults not familiar with swimming, going near a swimming pool can give them a heart attack. If you are also one of them, you do not need to be as worried because swimming is quite simple and easy to learn, in case you do not want to do butterfly strokes. You can try your hands on assisted swimming, which is swimming with the support of a kickboard, and you will not be as anxious as you might expect.

3. Flutter Kicking

Another great water sports activity seniors can actively participate in flutter kicking. The activity requires the older adults to hold onto a kickboard or just keep their heads above water and kick their legs to move forward. They can complete rounds across the pool until they feel tired. It is also a low-impact cardio exercise that will boost their heart health and kill boredom too.

4. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are another low-impact but highly effective and recommended fitness-based water sports activity that the senior population must practice. The older adults can perform the activity by standing on the edge of the pool, moving one leg back and forth, and repeating the same for the other when one gets tired. It can boost their muscle health, as well as tame their core.

5. Arm Curls

Arm curls are a water sports activity that specifically targets the upper part of the body and strengthens the arms. Lifting anything for long, irrespective of its weight, can make the joints of old people ache badly. However, practicing arm curl will not pressure them but add to their strength, which will enable them to perform a general routine task more comfortably.

6. Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging is another critical water sports activity that can support the fitness goals of senior populations. Jogging can become impossible for old people after reaching a certain point of age. However, if you have been a jogger your whole life and are feeling burdened by quitting now, give it a try at jogging in the water, and you will be amazed by the fun and impact it offers.

7. Swimming with Dolphins

The last and the best water sports activity the senior population should actively practice is swimming with marine animals like dolphins. Dolphins are one of the friendliest animal species that loves to interact and play with human beings. The activity can also boost the mood of senior people. You can explore swimming with dolphins Dubai based ventures and book your tickets online to enjoy a smooth and memorable experience.

Practice the water sports and watch the difference!

If you are aiming for building strength, then aqua jogging, arm curls, and flutter kicking are the best options. However, if your target is only entertainment and passing the time, then swimming with dolphins is the best choice. Just make sure to book your tickets online, so you do not have to wait in queues and get tired.