What is health insurance and what does it cover?

It is an insurance that covers the medical expenses incurred to achieve the restoration of the health of the insured, who can access the medical services they require through a specialized network made up of clinics, private doctors and laboratories, among others. In addition to this, the insured can freely choose the professional or medical institution of their preference, even if they do not belong to the network.

The health policy is complementary to the Mandatory Health Plan (POS) and offers the possibility of having additional or preferential services. For example, some plans offer coverage for national or international trips that cover in case of accident or illness.

The protection includes hospital expenses, room, clinical services, emergency service, medical visits, medications and medical fees, among others. Some companies include specialized diagnostic tests, dental care, and maternity protection in their programs.

There are three classes of policies, depending on the number of insured: Individual policies, family policies and group policies.