What functions do dental veneers fulfill?

For the placement of dental veneers it is necessary to glue said sheet to the surface of the tooth by means of a special resin for this purpose.

It is therefore a coating of the tooth that improves the overall image of the denture and can be placed both in the upper and lower part of the denture, although in the posterior teeth, that is, the molars and premolars, crowns or dental covers for its greater durability and robustness.

For this reason, the main function of dental veneers is aesthetic, since they allow the teeth to be covered, revealing a perfect denture. This dental treatment allows you to literally build your own teeth, thus wearing a perfect smile.

Regarding the solution of possible oral health problems, dental veneers are not effective since it is an aesthetic treatment that only masks them but solves them for us.

For this reason, oral health problems that are detected prior to placement must be solved in advance in order to avoid possible risks.

As aesthetic dental treatment, dental veneers fulfill the following functions:

  • Cover breaks, fractures and imperfections of the teeth:

They are perfect to cover all kinds of imperfections, breaks in the enamel of the teeth or partial fractures resulting from blows or use and show off perfect teeth.

  • Cover unsightly deviations and interdental spaces:

They are also quite advisable when it comes to covering interdental deviations and separations (diastema) when the teeth are widely separated from each other (what is known as the diastema).

In general, aesthetic veneers can be a great solution for crooked, separated, crowded or set teeth, as long as it is clear that this will work for very mild cases, since this type of problem may require specific orthodontic treatment if this is a very serious problem.

  • Correct the appearance of teeth:

Dental veneers are very useful to change the appearance of teeth that are too short or small, with strange protrusions, misalignments, …, and in this way adjust them to the desired shape or appearance.

  • Cover tooth color problems:

It is one of the most effective oral treatments for teeth whitening (for example, blackening problems due to tobacco or yellow teeth due to coffee), since you really do not have to work on the tooth itself, you simply have to cover it with a whiter dental veneer.