What is an interior design & How to Find Interior Designers in DHA Lahore?

Interior design is a profession specializing in architecture and space planning, which involves applying holistic and aesthetic design to the interior of homes and businesses. A professional interior designer requires special training and formal preparation. The question is how many ways to finding interior designers in DHA Lahore? There are multiple firms in Lahore or DHA, You can search on social media, Google and read its review.

How Many Ways to Decide Interior Designers Style?

  1. Deciding on an interior style from the start will help you keep the space consistent and focused.
  2. There are many different design styles, including chevy chic, Tuscan, mid-century modern, industrial, Scandinavian and country, many of which have their own design elements, colour schemes and palettes, window treatments, layouts and even wall art. Even the style has its own unique character.
  3. Take a look at the different styles, including current design trends, and see which design styles and ideas you prefer.
  4. Here are some key points to consider Every room should have a focal point. For example, a piece of art, a fireplace, a plush couch – anything interesting or beautiful that draws the viewer’s attention.
  5. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Too many focal points in a living room can make it feel cluttered and untidy.

Balance Room

To achieve balance in a room, the visual weight of furniture and decorations must be distributed. Consider scale (large, small), texture (hard, soft) and position (high, eye level, low, left, right). By being aware of subtle contrasts within a room, you can create a crisp, clear space.

Spend Money

  1. Spend your money carefully. If you’re new to interior design, it’s a good idea to take your time and decide which projects are most expensive for you.
  2. As a general rule, the furniture you should spend the most money on is sofas and beds. They are visually heavy and attract a lot of attention, so the nicer they are, the better.
  3. Once you’ve found them, you can fill in the blanks with accent pieces and handmade decorations.

Lighting a Room

  1. Don’t forget to consider the lighting. A beautifully decorated home & room can be ruined by poor lighting.
  2. So lighting should also be included in your budget.
  3. Windows (natural light), floor lamps, overhead lights, accent lighting, white or light-coloured walls and furniture are all ways to make a dark or small room more open.

Decorate shelves

Use accent pieces Some interior designers focus on the “big things” in a room & bathroom, such as sofas, rugs, nightstands and desks, and forget about the “little things.” Accent pieces are a great way to make a room more individual and visually appealing. So look for decorative items such as bowls and books to decorate shelves and coffee tables.


Give your furniture a chance to breathe. When buying new furniture, it’s easy to place it against a wall, but this can make a room feel stiff and flat. Instead, place your beautiful home furniture at least a few inches from the wall, which will make the room feel larger.

Final Words

Your home is not a showroom. When decorating and furnishing your own home, don’t try to make it look like the professional photos you see online or in interior design classes. Those photos are meant to show you the principles of design and furniture, not life. Instead, add eclectic and sensual items to create a balance between design and intimacy in your home.

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