Antalya Bilim University Faculty Guide for Foreign Students

If you have been dreaming of continuing higher education at the international level and explore Turkey too, then Antalya Bilim University is your gateway. It is one of the most prestigious research-based private universities in Turkey, which was established in 2010. In the limited time of a decade, the university has got recognition at the international level and has been attracting students from across the globe.

One of the greatest reasons for the increased interest of the international students in Antalya Bilim University is the vast range of faculty and programs offered by it. The university has established an attractive faculty with highly qualified lecturers, mostly doctorate, to provide education to the students according to the global standards and requirements. Getting insight into faculty can help you finalize your choice.

Dig deeper into this article to get your hands on the Antalya Bilim university faculty guide for foreign students.

Top 6 Faculties for Foreign Students at Antalya Bilim University

Higher education plays a critical role in shaping the career and future of the students. Therefore, opting for a program at the undergraduate or postgraduate level is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Specifically, if you are keen about joining Antalya Bilim University, learning about the faculty can help you know the options and decide to keep in view your dreams and aspirations.

Here are the top faculties at Antalya Bilim University that are offering admission to international students in a vast range of programs.

1. Faculty of Engineering

The faculty of engineering is the top-ranking faculty at the Antalya Bilim University. The mode of education supported by the faculty is English, as it aims to provide high-quality education according to industry standards to international students. Many students hire service of study abroad consultants to secure their admission in the engineering program of their choice from the following options offered by the faculty:

  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering

2. Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture

The second most popular faculty of the Antalya Bilim University is the faculty of fine arts and architecture. Turkey has one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks, which is famous at the international level. This is the major reason international students want to continue their architectural education from there. The mode of education is English, and the faculty offer admission in the following programs:

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

3. Faculty of Tourism

Tourism has been on the rise in the country for the past few decades, and foreign people are highly interested in the hospitality industry of the country. Therefore, the Antalya Bilim University has started the faculty of tourism, which offers higher education in the following programs and that too in the English language to provide better opportunities to international students.

  • Department of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Department of Interior Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

4. Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

One of the most prestigious faculties at the Antalya Bilim University is the faculty of business and social sciences. Although the major mode of teaching in turkey is the Turkish language, considering the interest of the international students, this university offers education in English mode in many faculties, and business and social sciences are one of them. The major departments of this faculty include:

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Political science and International Relations
  • Department of Psychology

5. Faculty of Health Sciences

The faculty of health sciences is another important faculty at the Antalya Bilim University. Unlike other faculties, it offers higher education to international students in the Turkish language. It means that international students will have to take language courses before starting their degree program. The faculty is offering higher education in the following fields:

  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

6. Vocational School

The last faculty you can explore and seek admission in to become a part of Antalya Bilim University is actually the vocational school. It focuses on lacing the students with the necessary professional skills according to their choice in the following fields:

  • Cookery
  • Computer Programming
  • Construction Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Techniques
  • Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Surgery Services

If you are also interested in any of these programs, consult the study abroad consultants in Islamabad and start your admission procedure to join the university.

Have you opted for a program?

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