Five Things about Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max You Should Know

Did you ever wonder what happens to the iPhones which are returned to the company for technical issues? Instead of tossing them to the landfill, the phones are repaired for their technical or physical damage. The company then re-sells them to customers at a lower price. If you’re wondering whether you should buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished version, here are five things you should know.

Why should you buy a refurbished iPhone

Firstly, you may question why you should even go for a refurbished phone when you can buy a new one. It is because these are a less expensive alternative to newer smartphones. While purchasing a refurbished phone, you may encounter phrases like “renewed” or “pre-owned”. In addition, they may have minor physical damage or have had the box opened.  

When we discard a smartphone after it has been damaged, it is dumped in landfills. Thus, a smartphone with a few scrapes or dents has serious environmental consequences because most phones use plastic parts. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries are difficult to destroy. Thus, if you buy a refurbished phone, you will the phone a new life, while saving the environment.  

They have the same features as the original phone

You may also wonder how similar the features of a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max are to that of an original one. Well, be rest assured that they are the same if you buy from Apple itself. A refurbished phone goes through all the steps of Apple’s Refurbishment Products. 

The phone goes through complete functionality testing, and any defective modules discovered during testing are replaced. The company cleans and thoroughly inspects the devices. Also, they place the phones in new boxes with new cables and manuals. However, the company excludes Apple Watch and Apple Pencil products that require replacement parts from the refurbishment process.

What should you look for before buying a refurbished iPhone

While buying a refurbished iPhone, you should always check for the warranty period. Even though Apple comes with a one year-warranty on Apple Certified Products, you must check. You should also read other documents that came with the refurbished iPhone if you are buying from other sources. Furthermore, you have the option to buy an AppleCare plan from Apple, for an added warranty of two years on your iPhone. 

What should you expect while buying a refurbished iPhone from Apple?

You should expect the best quality product from Apple, even when you opt for iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished version. You should have a functional device with proper documentation and genuine Apple components. In addition, you should feel lucky to have grabbed it at a much lower price, thus cutting high costs. 

Where can you buy a refurbished iPhone?

There are quite a few places to buy a refurbished iPhone. Firstly, you can buy from the Apple Shop. What better place to buy a refurbished iPhone handset from the manufacturers themselves? They have storage and color options to choose from. You can also browse through the other models of iPhone available. Moreover, while buying the versions of the iPhone 11 Pro Max refurbished on their site, you can see how much you’re saving. 

Secondly, you can buy a refurbished iPhone from Amazon Renew. They have iPhones listed those sellers refurbish. Customers can sell their old smartphones to Amazon in exchange for a discount on a new gadget. The e-commerce giant inspects them and makes any required repairs so that they seem and function as new. They even come with a seller or manufacturer’s warranty for a limited time, which is generally less than a year. 

 Thirdly, other e-commerce sites apply a similar procedure like Amazon to sell refurbished iPhones. Flipkart and Cashify are some of the other sites you can visit to choose from. 

To conclude, when you buy a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max, make sure to check the condition of the device listed by the seller. The sellers list the phones in grades, which can tell you a lot about the device’s condition.