Guide To Transfer Old Car Registration To A New Car

Are you fascinated by your car’s number or consider it a lucky number for you? If yes, you would want to continue the same number even if you change your four-wheeler in the future. Sometimes, you get unique numbers for your cars that make them stand out from the other cars. Also, you tend to keep the same car number to identify your four-wheelers easily. Irrespective of the reason, you will need to transfer the registration of the old car to keep the old number with you. 

Register your four-wheeler number and keep it for more than 3 years. By doing so, you become eligible to transfer it to your new vehicle. The following process needs to be followed for transferring old car registration to a new car:

Step 1: Visit the department of transport and get the transfer application.

Step 2: Enter the details of your vehicle including the registered number of your existing car. 

Step 3: Pay the transfer fee online and save the system-generated slip for future references.

Step 4: Once you get the slip, you must provide it to the car dealer whenever you plan to buy a new vehicle. 

Step 5: The car dealer will ensure that you get the same number for your car by feeding the registration number of your old car in their system. 

Step 6: After getting the number, you have to visit the office of the Motor License Officer. He will accept the number for the new car.

You can continue this process multiple times till you keep changing your four-wheelers. Buy car insurance for your vehicle to ensure minimum financial burden after damages or accidents. Getting the car insurance renewal done regularly is essential for receiving its benefits without any break. 

The car insurance renewal process can be completed with the existing insurer or you can get a separate policy from another insurer. You should transfer the car insurance to a new insurance company only if the following conditions are met: 

NCB transfer 

When you transfer your old car insurance to a new insurer, you might lose some of the NCB (No-Claim Bonus). However, ideally, the new insurer should carry forward at least 50% of the accumulated NCB. Carrying forward the NCB is essential as it helps you to reduce the policy premium. 


Ensure that the new insurer offers a cashless claim facility at garages that are located either close to your home or office. This will help you to get the benefit of cashless claims without any inconvenience. 

Sometimes, you may face issues in an engine, flat tyre, or the battery of the car might get affected. In such cases, you need immediate help or support. Top-notch services like roadside assistance, towing facility, customer support, etc. should be offered when you choose a new insurance plan or insurer while getting the car insurance renewal done.

Additional benefits 

Choosing an insurer that allows you to select multiple add-on covers for additional benefits will also prove beneficial in the long run. You can expect a new insurer to provide you with additional features. For instance, you can get conveyance benefit that provides per day allowance till your damaged car gets repaired. 

Bajaj Allianz car insurance policies provide all the aforementioned benefits at a reasonable premium. Apart from a seamless transfer process, you can also expect features like cashless claim settlement, roadside assistance, towing services, etc. from their insurance plans. With Bajaj Allianz car insurance, you can subscribe to add-on covers like personal baggage cover, zero depreciation cover, accident shield, key replacement cover, etc. as per your needs. Therefore, it is one of the better car insurance companies in the market. 

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