Ears Itching is What is Going on?

The best ENT specialist in Lahore, Pakistan. Prof Dr. Rashid Zia is ear, nose, and throat specialty introduction: in our daily life, I believe that each of us has had an itchy ear, but sometimes, no matter how to pull out the ear, but found that there is nothing inside, some people slowly formed a habit, is nothing to do, will also take out the ear, over time, even if the ear is not a problem will come out of the problem, let’s first look at the reason for itching the ear.

Ears itching

Ø  There may be Aphids

Although we cannot use our naked eye to observe the existence of aphids, it is more active, may exist on our bedding, pillows above, when we fall asleep, aphids will quietly afraid to move, may enter our ears, give people some stimulation to the eardrum, make people feel particularly itchy in the ear as if there are foreign objects in the strange, but out of the ear, but found nothing, which requires us to often change the bedding, and then put in the sun, can kill any moth.

Ø  Often Pull out the Ear

individuals’ ears will consistently seem a ton of ear, this time, on the off chance that you take out the ear, that ear will feel especially good, yet on the off chance that you foster a propensity, consistently take out the ear, the ear canal inside will become very dry, this time, the ear inside will become very sensitive, there is a hint of stimulation, will also make people feel itchy inside the ear.

Ø  Allergic Disease Causes

some people belong to the allergic body, there may be allergic diseases, if the ear is exposed to something, there will be itching ears, such as air-filled pollen, bath shampoo, or shower gel, if accidentally into the ear, it is likely to cause some allergies to the ears, so that the ears have been itching, as long as we find allergens, then what things are very good to deal with.

Ø  Bacterial Infection

we do not look down on the insignificant bacteria, it will attack any organs of our body, of course, the ear will not be affected by some of it, to the ear infection, make the ear itchy, which requires us to go to the hospital in time to solve.

Ø  Eczema in the Outer Ear Canal

if the ear has eczema in the outer ear canal, then the ear itching up can be really life-threatening, like thousands of ants, crawling around the ear, itching at the same time, may also be accompanied by pus appear, we need to hurry to treat, cannot have a moment of delay.

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Ø  Long Time do not Clean Earwax

If earwax is always not cleaned, earwax will inevitably accumulate, slowly will clog the ear canal, that itching in the ear is inevitable, which requires us to develop good hygiene habits.

Ears for everyone, are particularly important, but at the same time it appears very fragile, we need to pay attention to strengthen protection, if there is an abnormal reaction to the ears, you may wish to see if there are some factors related to the above, to go to treatment in time to avoid more serious harm.

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LASER technology known as ‘Micro laryngeal Surgeries’ is also being used in the field of ENT.