What is auto insurance for?

Auto insurance helps you protect your vehicle, yourself and your passengers – against collisions, theft, damage and other services – as well as third parties affected in an accident.

Some reasons to have auto insurance:

Peace of mind when driving your car

There are events that when they occur, cause you a significant financial loss. For this reason, having insurance for your car will help you drive calmly since, for example, it can provide you with support in case of:

  • Theft of your vehicle.
  • Damage to third parties.
  • Damage to your vehicle.
  • Injury to passengers.

Auto insurance is a mechanism by which the risks related to the use of your vehicle are transferred from a natural or legal person to an insurance company. For example, paying a third party in the event of a crash.

An automobile insurance can protect you, in Chile or abroad, from the following situations: material damage to your vehicle, damages caused to third parties, civil liability, theft (total or accessories), damages caused by malicious acts or natural phenomena, among others. depending on the type of insurance you take out.

A small monthly investment that will mean savings for your future

Insurance works on the basic principle of risk transfer. This means that it is reasonable to opt for the certainty of a small payment, in the face of the possibility of a future loss or damage of great magnitude.

Save time and spend less in the event of a car accident

In the event of an accident, the consequences can range from a high cost of repairing your vehicle, great material damage to other vehicles and even injured people. With auto insurance, the loss or damage can be compensated and your financial situation will not be affected.

In addition, by having car insurance, you will save time, since you will have the certainty that you will receive assistance in case of breakdown or panne. The assistance includes: towing service, means of transport, stay, transport, deposit and custody for your repaired and recovered vehicle, transport of companions in case of injuries, location and shipment of spare parts, replacement car, assistance before pannes de light mechanics, vehicle inspection during your vacation, professional driver for technical review and replacement and mileage maintenance. All these services and benefits may vary depending on the contracted plan.

Protects you from theft

With an auto insurance your car will be protected against theft with total loss and even against theft of accessories from your car. Not because you are a good driver you will not need insurance for your car. Nobody is free to suffer the theft of their car and by taking insurance you will be protected against those expenses that would otherwise be very difficult to face.

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