Shoko Club Barcelona: The Best Place to Dance the Night Away

Barcelona is a city that never sleeps. From the many different neighborhoods’ to the nightlife, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for in Barcelona. But for those who love dancing and partying, Shoko Club Barcelona is the place to be. With its great atmosphere, live DJ sets, and sexy dance floor, Shoko Club is all about having an unforgettable time. The club has two levels with plenty of seating and tables for those who want to enjoy their drinks at the bar. With DJs from all over Europe coming by each week, it’s hard to not end your night with a bang at Shoko Club Barcelona!

Why you need to go to Barcelona

With it’s incredible music scene, beautiful climate, delicious cuisine, and extensive history, Barcelona is more than enough reason to make the trip to this European city. The culture, architecture, and wonderful people make Barcelona a must-visit destination. What to do in Barcelona Tour the La Sagrada Familia: From the outside, the most famous church in Barcelona doesn’t look like much. But you have to experience it to understand how incredible it really is. With its three soaring towers and spires, it’s one of the most impressive buildings in Barcelona. And the outside is nothing compared to the inside. The cathedral is truly amazing. Where to stay in Barcelona If you’re a woman, be sure to check out Hostel Oceanis.

What’s so great about Shoko Club?

Having a great crowd, a cool club vibe, great DJs, and a great mix of both sexes, Shoko Club is perfect for those looking for a unique night out in Barcelona! Check out their daily calendar to see if the club is hosting a DJ night for you! Speaking of which, there’s a Shoko-Tattoo Contest that happens each week! Sign up, dress up, and dance the night away. This is definitely one of the best places to start your own tattoo, and you can also check out their tag-along events that will make your nights in Barcelona so much better! Last, but not least, for those who love to party, Shoko Club will have it all: a variety of cocktails, DJs to make your night an unforgettable one, and even a dance floor that you won’t want to leave. It’s no wonder why everyone’s so excited about Shoko Club!

What does Shoko Club offer?

To make sure you have a good time, Shoko Club Barcelona always includes a theme every week. The theme changes every week and is always kept in mind to make sure that all the guests have a good time. Here are just a few of the fun theme nights: ✨Almost to Infinity✨ Next to a casino is the music room, where a great variety of live music is played. For this theme night, the theme is “almost to infinity” – enjoy this vibe, play your favorite songs, and wear your favorite outfits! ✨Good Vibes on Siesta ✨ On this theme night, it’s all about the music. Live music plays all night long, with a dance party going on in the underground club. A lot of the clientele are students who attend events such as these. ✨Surfers vs Cowboys✨ On this theme night, it’s all about the surfing and surfing in a big way.

When is the best time to visit Shoko Club?

Shoko Club is open for visitors from 11.00 AM – 2.00 AM every night. While the entertainment at the club is great, you should make sure to get there early to have a great time as the club gets very crowded as the night goes on. Where is Shoko Club Barcelona located? Shoko Club Barcelona is located in the heart of the city in Gran Via – the most romantic street in Barcelona. It’s a 3-minute walk from the nearest metro stop, Gran Via metro station and the seafront. What are the ticket prices? While the entrance fee is free for everyone, there is an option to pay by the drink. There are different packages to choose from that let you choose the number of drinks that you want to order each hour. You can choose between a €35 – €50 bar package, or a €60 – €100 bar package.

How much do drinks cost at Shoko Club?

As part of their membership offer, members are allowed to enter Shoko Club for free, but the prices are as follows: Light Pours – 3€ Low Repos – 4€ Low Repos + 1 Bier – 8€ High Repos + 2 Bier – 10€ Specials include 10x Points (3€ for two) or 10x Points + Bottle (7€ for two). Just like Shoko Club is also a club, their pool is just as legendary. It’s a very small pool, but this is still one of the best pools in Europe. Alongside the pool area, you also have two other bars and restaurants to make your visit even more of an awesome time. Don’t forget to bring money for their famous margaritas! Shoko Club Barcelona – Where to find it? Shoko Club is located on Jose Just Plaza between Calle De Vicenç and Calle Zona Franca in the Gothic Quarter.


There is no denying that Barcelona is the best place to go to spend your nights out in Europe. With nightlife that can keep you going all day long, the city is as beautiful in the daytime as it is at night. With so many different cultures and artistic expressions, you’re bound to meet someone you connect with.

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