Improve Your Customer Outcomes with the Best Practices of FedEx Customer Service

The pandemic created an absolute mess everywhere in the world. It impacted the shipping companies where people were living through Shipageddon. You may not have heard this term before; however, you might have experienced the same if you are running a business that requires courier services. Well, Shipageddon means the anticipated delivery delays faced by parcel companies such as FedEx due to a significant surge in holiday packages.

Even with the gush of couch shopping, the latest FedEx drop off in Los Angeles offered remarkable services by delivering more than 94percent of the packages. Seasonal employees were hired to break the records that ultimately proved to be beneficial.

FedEx Customer Service – Providing Highest Satisfaction Ratings

FedEx stepped up during the pandemic and delivered customers with the best services. It is one of the biggest reasons that FedEx has been recognized as the leading shipping industry that earned love and support from customers. 

FedEx has scored the highest customer rankings and ratings in the consumer shipping industry by delivering top-notch services. Let us learn about the best practices adopted by FedEx.

  • Personalized Customer Experience

FedEx personalizes every service interaction by putting the customer service data into action. In addition, it helps gents as they can fetch every information that is required. 

FedEx is known for offering great customer service experiences. The customers often post about the ease of interaction they had experienced with FedEx over the holidays. 

The process works effectively when there is an issue with the customer, such as a loss of delivery. FedEx Interactive Voice Response (IVR) promotes filling in the details to route the person to the right agent. FedEx’s systems calibrate to work together where a person needs to repeat the personal information that has already been shared on the IVR. With the right live agent, customers can resolve their issues, and the case gets closed within minutes. 

The positive service experience satisfies even the frustrated customer. There are a variety of features with the FedEx IVR menu that assists clients to stay ahead of time by clicking through options where customers need not wait for the automated system. Instead, you can click through and get the help you need immediately.

  • Friendly and Supportive Representatives

Nothing was more exciting than receiving a parcel from loved ones during the pandemic. Yet, another thing that added to the happiness is a friendly greeting from a FedEx driver. 

The management of the healthy customer team is indeed the most appreciable thing about FedEx. Unfortunately, people were stuck inside during the pandemic where they were going through the isolation that led to frustrations. However, a friendly human interaction offered by the FedEx drivers even while dealing with their swarms of packages reflected their positive attitude.

Additionally, the agents at the FedEx customer service are friendly and helpful that makes the experiences delightful. They handle the complaints by responding fastly to each customer problem.

  • Proactive Customer Service Notifications

FedEx believes that sharing transparency with customers is critical and therefore, it offers improved services by providing strategies where customers are always an in-the-know process. For example, whenever a FedEx package is shipped, customers have the choice to opt for notifications where they will be informed regarding every information through text messages.

The proactive service model keeps the customers regularly updated by providing notifications related to your package moving details, arrival times, shipping delays as it moves through each FedEx facility. This process is a saviour for the agents as it keeps them off from the floods of angry customers.

  • Customer Security is Prioritized

Your package might get stolen while you are stuck somewhere working late. Also, it keeps you worried all day long. Therefore to avoid such situations, FedEx offers customers options where they can reach out and redirect their package delivery to a secure location. 

The additional benefit is that even if you aren’t at home to catch your delivery, your package will be safe at the latest FedEx drop off in Los Angeles.

  • Digital Channels with Self-Help Options

While offering helpful service reps and friendly practices, FedEx provides self-help resources for DIY customers. In addition, there are Q&As on the FedEx site that define confusing terms and further explain certain things regarding shipping clearly and concisely. 

The questions are answered in an expanded form in a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions to help customers with their routine tasks that include anything from managing deliveries to processing returns. 

The simple automated pieces of the customer journey help agents keep up with service levels, giving customers instant access to the required information. The virtual customer assistant helps customers with supporting questions and sends answers to routine queries. Thus, the job of agents becomes easier where they are only required to handle the live interactions that humans need to solve their problems. 

ConclusionFedEx is continuously making efforts to offer convenient and latest FedEx drop off in Los Angeles for package pickup. To avail access to redirect packages and services, customers can enrol free at FedEx Delivery Manager. It will allow easy access through phone or computer where one can schedule pickups at secure locations. So, enjoy the best practices of FedEx service that delivers service that sticks.

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