Why Do the Windows Fog up in the Car?

During winters, almost all car owners face the issue of steaming windows. Let’s check what sort of things are causing the windows to fog up in the car and how to deal with such issues. 

According to the doorstep car repair application, windshield fogging is a bane primarily for older cars, but it also affects cars equipped with air conditioning. The evaporation process transpires because of the condensation of humid air with the cold glass surface. As warm air is circulated in the car’s interior through the ventilation system, the glass should evaporate within a few minutes. 

The air-conditioning can easily cope with foggy windows, efficiently dehumidifies the air and eliminates evaporation even within a dozen or so seconds. Of course, things depend on various factors, including the car’s size, the window’s surface or the system’s efficiency. 

If the air conditioning or heating surface cannot cope with the foggy windows, the reason can be the accumulation of too much moisture in your car. It is formed, among other things, due to leaking water through worn door seals, upholstery of the seats and collection on the carpets. The moisture can also accumulate due to dirt insides, such as dust and sand, which are always present in large amounts, especially in winter and autumn.

How to fight the problem of fogged windows in the car?

For such reasons, firstly, as a responsible car owner, to fight foggy windows, you must start with cleaning the car’s interior (including cleaning the windows from the inside) and search for any leaks, for instance, around the door, trunk, lid or sunroof. 

It is best to include two people in such a type of cleaning – one for pouring water on sensitive parts, the other searches for leaks inside the car. When such things do not help, it is worth using a car service app.

There are also ad hoc ways to get fogged up windows in your car. You can also buy various anti-steam preparations from supermarkets and automobile stores, which significantly reduces windshield fogging but does not entirely resolve the problem. 

Fogging windows in the car – check the cabin filter 

The problem may also lie with the cabin air filter’s condition. If it is dirty and damp, it will not be able to clean the air that gets inside. According to the manufacturers, it should be replaced every 2 years, but to guarantee peace of mind in all conditions, it should be performed every year. 

Cost: Using a car service app about a few hundred + mechanic charges. However, it’s an easy operation that almost everyone can handle. In most cars, filters are usually located near the windshield, passenger compartment or accelerator pedal. Another significant reason may be contaminated water that drains into the pit. With a significant accumulation of water, it will eventually pass into the cabin filter, allowing it to go inside.

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