New Parents: How Many Outfits Should I Buy For My Newborn

The arrival of your young one necessitates a great deal of planning. One of the first things many expecting parents do is start collecting baby clothes. However, estimating how many clothes you will go through is difficult. How much baby clothing do you need for a newborn? This is a question that many expectant parents may ponder. And the answer is that it is debatable! A number of things may influence the amount of clothing you’ll need for your infant. What kind of garments you’ll need for your newborn depends on where he or she was born and when he or she was born. Babies born in colder areas or during the winter months will require more merino onesies, caps, and sweaters than other babies.

The amount of laundry you anticipate to perform will also have an impact on the amount of clothing you need. Obviously, the more willing/able you are to wash your newborn’s clothes, the fewer you will need in rotation. However, because we understand that laundering isn’t always a top priority, having a few extra clothing won’t harm. Your personal lifestyle and financial situation may also have an impact. We understand that baby garments can be costly, so don’t expect to require 50 bodysuits in all sizes and colours. After all, your kid won’t be wearing newborn outfits for very long. You can buy from the top babies online store in NZ because there you can get huge discounts. Each parent will have their own viewpoint on what clothes are and is not required.

Based on personal experience, we have compiled the following list of suggestions. The essentials for your newborn:

6 to 8 bodysuits

Given that babies go through 1-2 clothing changes per day, having 4-6 zip front onesies and bodysuits on hand is a good idea. A mix of merino and organic cotton bodysuits, as well as short- and long-sleeved options, is an excellent idea. Merino bodysuits are very useful because they may be worn alone or layered under a onesie when it gets cold.

6 to 8 Onesies

Onesies are a fantastic, versatile alternative for napping and playing, and you’ll find yourself reaching for them frequently.

4 Gowns, Bundlers, or Sleepsacks

Bundlers are also good for napping and shouldn’t become too dirty in theory. As a result, we recommend around four of them.

1-2 sweaters or cardigans

In the cooler months, a merino cardigan is recommended for layering. Because it does not need to go over their heads, our kimono-style merino cardigan is ideal for newborn newborns.

2 Beanies or hats

Hats are excellent for keeping your child warm. Having two hats allows you to wear one while washing the other. Merino hats are recommended because they keep your kid warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Babies that live in colder climates may require more hats in their rotation.

2 pairs of mittens

Mittens are excellent for preventing your child from harming themselves. Newborn nails are razor-sharp, and the last thing you want is for your baby to get a scratch in the eye. Although they can be easily misplaced, many infant garments come with built-in mittens, so having multiple pairs isn’t necessary. During their first several months, your baby will be swaddled a lot.

2 pairs of boots

Because most infant apparel (excluding bodysuits) is footed and has built-in booties, numerous pairs of booties are unnecessary. Booties are an excellent alternative to socks because they are secured at the ankle, making it difficult for baby to kick them off.

Checklist for Newborns: Extras that are useful

2-3 pairs of pantyhose or footed leggings

Pants aren’t completely necessary for small newborns because they’ll be in a onesie for the majority of the time. If the weather starts to chill down, though, small footed leggings can be worn over a bodysuit. Bonus: footed leggings come with built-in booties!

Sun hat

In the spring and summer, newborns may require a newborn sun hat to keep them safe from the sun. With the severe sunlight here in New Zealand, this is extremely vital.

Remember that this is simply a starting point. As your baby grows older, you’ll learn which clothing styles suit you and your infant best. This will give you an idea of what to buy once your baby has outgrown his or her first few garments. Along with these clothes you can buy toys online to make it extra special for your child.

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