A guide to Kindergarten Schools in Malaysia

Your child’s foundation is built during their kindergarten years. While kindergarten is not mandatory in Malaysia, they strongly advised it to enroll them in one because it is during their early childhood years that they experience significant growth.

Kindergarten schools

Kindergarten programs focus on laying a solid foundation for both formal and informal education, with the objective of assisting children in developing key social skills for their future well-being. Malaysian children begin primary school at the age of seven. Prior to it, however, it is critical that students are well-equipped with the primary school fundamentals, such as language competence (English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin).In kindergarten. a child continues to develop a wide range of skills, including physical, social, emotional, language and literacy, and thinking (cognitive) skills.

Advantages of a kindergarten school

Physical development: Physical development refers to your child’s ability to move her arms and legs (large motor skills) as well as use the tiny muscles in her fingers and hands (small motor skills). Playing outside and doing some physical movement during the day helps youngsters grow strong bones and muscles, focus better, and feel less stressed. Puzzles, writing, sketching, and working with clay are all hobbies that help youngsters improve their finger and hand control.

Social and emotional development: Your child’s social development will enable him or her to get along with others. Teachers enhance children’s social skills by assisting them in working together, including each other in activities, making and maintaining friends, and resolving conflicts. Your child’s emotional development allows him to comprehend his own feelings as well as the sentiments of others.

Teachers assist students in recognizing, discussing, and expressing their emotions, as well as showing care for others. They also aid in the development of self-regulation in youngsters, which is the ability to regulate one’s moods and actions.

Language and Literacy Development: Understanding language and communicating through reading, writing, listening, and talking are all part of language and literacy development. They emphasize heavily literacy in kindergarten. These abilities will serve your child well throughout his life. 

Cognitive skills: Cognitive skills grow when youngsters explore, observe, create, ask questions, do new activities, and solve difficulties. Teachers assist children in planning their activities, encourage children to debate and think carefully about concepts, and engage children in decision-making.

The Best Kindergarten School Offering A Futuristic Curriculum

The well-designed Global Montessori Plus Programme, in conjunction with five powerful pillars, enhances a kindergarteners’ learning skills. They foster students in their foundational years in a comprehensive learning environment that blends the finest of traditional Montessori teaching techniques with current learning needs. GMP Curriculum has received numerous international honors, establishing GIIS (Global Indian International School)  as the top Montessori school.

Through this curriculum, GIIS preschool children acquire cognitive, expressive, and physical abilities, as well as a feeling of social responsibility, cultural knowledge, and environmental concern. Students are also well equipped to tackle the futuristic digital environment throughout their early infancy years.

Montessori Education in Malaysia

Montessori education in Malaysia begins at the age of four and is optional. Children under the age of six generally begin their preschool education in Government Preschools, Private Kindergärten, and International kindergarten. Kindergarten is a two-year flexible education program. Private and international institutions privately managed the top preschools in Malaysia such as GIIS, which cater to kids from all walks of life in Malaysia. MOE (Ministry of Education, Malaysia) and public entities such as Tabika Perpaduan provide early childhood care and education to underprivileged pupils.

Global Indian International School, Malaysia

Global Indian International School ( GIIS ), one of the top international schools in Kuala Lumpur, provides the most sophisticated academic program to place pupils on the route to success. Their objective is to offer kids with the appropriate educational atmosphere, high-quality education, exceptional facilities, and individualized attention for their growth and learning. Children need to get individual assistance in order for them to reach their full potential in all their areas and that is exactly what GIIS aims to do.

A child’s kindergarten years are bound to be full of interesting learning opportunities. Your child can enjoy these perks and more by enrolling in the appropriate school. Because your child deserves the best quality early childhood education, be sure to enroll them in the best kindergarten school which is the Global Indian International School.

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