Fun Facts to acknowledge about the Couriers London

The Courier Services is not that easy thing as it looks like; there are some rules and regulations inbuilt in it. The persons who remain in the Couriers London have to follow specific terms and conditions, which is the hardest subject to adhere to. In this blog, we, representing the top courier service in the UK, named Capital Courier LTD, have put forward the basic things and facts regarding the same. 

There are several people who utilize the Postal and Couriers London services but seldom exactly adhere to the knowledge between the two. Postal is a governmental department that delivers the mails and other similar substances whereas the couriers are the companies that deliver all kinds of parcels from one person to another.

What is performed by the Couriers?

Couriers London is the service that distributes all types and kinds of objects and documentation for several areas including the government, business, individuals, institutions, and agencies as well. They receive the packages from either the offices or houses of the customer and then take them to the desired location, which can be the same area or other areas. The main things that the workers of the couriers perform include the flowing:

  • Requesting the payments and charges.
  • Receiving the services over the phone, email, or other data services.
  • Making the parcels for further deliveries.
  • Obtaining the signature from the customers.
  • Transporting the materials or documents.

What are the types of Couriers London?

The several types of and Couriers London is further listed below:

  • Standard- These are the most convenient and easiest way of delivering. When you do not have any rush, you can think of the same.
  • Same Day Couriers London- These allow the receivers to receive the package within a single day. This further takes place in the given area that is the reason it’s get completed within a single day.
  • Express- One of the most expensive and effective forms of service. If you have an urgency regarding any product then the scan helps you out.
  • Freight- The packages that contain a lot of weight further demand these courier services.

What are the things you should know about Courier Services?

In this part, we have put forward the facts that you should adhere about the Couriers London. These 6 points that are given below will help you to have the clear and proper knowledge.

  1. Huge Variety of Services

There are huge varieties of services that are provided by them. Each courier service has a different cost, type of shipment, and speed of delivery. This further means that you can avail a huge list of options to find your perfect fit.

  •  Standard Services includes Standard Packaging

If you opt for the Standard service, which is also the cheapest then you can get a variety of packaging as well. In this service, not all types of packaging are accepted especially for long and heavy parcels. Also to meet all the criteria you have to further measure the parcel in the proper way.

  • Standard Courier contains the Pick-up date

You can also choose the pickup date in the services of the courier. However, the ‘pick-up cannot be done within a specific time frame.

  • Some items are not delivered

The Courier Service providers, however, does not allow all kind of things to be transported from one place to another. Some of these items that have a restriction include batteries, compressed gas, match lighters, incapacitating spray, ignitable gas, and bleach. These are highly dangerous products and carrying this is life-threatening as well. Before providing this for parceling ensures that you do not put any of this inside.

  • A person should include all the detailed information regarding the address.

Another most important factor that should receive a proper amount of look after includes the information regarding the address. The package contains the address of the receiver through which the workers get to that destination. The sender should put all the information’s in a broad and elaborated way so that they can clearly understand the location and further do not face any problem.

  • Think of Pallet

If you really want to save the amount you spend on the parcels, you should opt for the pallet and put everything inside one box.


Courier Services are literally the most valuable thing in today’s world. However, there are some facts that you already acknowledged. Now if you want to avail the best service, then you can undoubtedly think of Capital Courier LTD.

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