The Hottest Design in the Market – Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

The parallel kitchen interior design is the most passionate talk in the market. This design layout is the current interior design that has taken over and dominated the market as compared to others in the market. Are you wondering, what makes this design so popular in the market? Don’t you worry at all, we have listed some factors, tips, benefits, and points of parallel kitchen interior design and how it can make your life easier and healthier.

Choosing the right kitchen interior design for your home is a cumbersome activity. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a design that fits precisely into any space then this post is just the best read for you. Starting from a ship’s standard kitchen interior design, a parallel kitchen design is a comparatively new entrant to modern kitchen interior design.

What is a Parallel Modular Kitchen Design?

This design contains two kitchen stages with cupboards, closets, and below them, moving parallel to each other creating a galley in connecting.

The Parallel Kitchen Design Work Triangle Obedient with Vastu

Well, yes it is. If you have the right to create a kitchen design from scratch, it is considerably effortless to consolidate both Vastu and the work triangle. If Vastu comes ahead for you than anything else then here is an expert-approved design. There are some specific rules and regulations as mentioned in Vastu Shastra Tips for a Healthful Kitchen that one should be careful of. If problems like the position of the stove, refrigerator, and electrical devices, or the state of the platform are distributed out previously, the kitchen previously becomes Vastu-compliant. Afterward, we can continue with installing the 3 elements that complement the work triangle.

The Most Beautiful Design For Your Home

Modular Kitchens holding the hub of action for the home, it is extremely suggested to have a modular kitchen design that increases its movements. There are so many layout designs available in the market that are a favorite with first-time homeowners and the parallel modular kitchen layout is one such layout. It is also known as Galley kitchens that are a popular kitchen layout. It is predominantly practiced in small areas to get the most counter space.

  • A methodical strategy is essential in any thriving working environment. And in a house, the modular kitchen marks the most active in a day! Therefore skillful interior architects built a ‘work triangle’ that must be supported while designing a kitchen layout to increase productivity. The three key features of this work triangle are the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. These 3 key features are the most frequently applied parts of the modular kitchen, a cleared path between them is created thanks to the work triangle.
  • In a parallel modular kitchen, the work triangle is the most noticeable characteristic. As there are two different stands, the triangle is obvious on its own. One side of the board is completely committed to the stovetop and cooking equipment. While the reverse side of the design houses the refrigerator and the washbasin.
  • Shutters at the opposite end of the galley modular kitchen are a must to keep proper ventilation. Considering the layout’s principal focus is the gathering area, modular in this type of modular kitchen appears better without holders. Now, no more getting caught by the holders when more than one makes up a passion in this kitchen.
  • If your Galley modular kitchen design is performed on a square kitchen design, it is easy to not have a gate in the entryway. An extensive breakfast table can be placed in a wide range and employed in many various ways. The elongated breakfast table can be of the identical height as your modular kitchen shelves to support regularity and ease of usage.

Complimentary highlights of the parallel modular kitchen layout are:

  • Getting the most beneficial use of the possible space
  • Fitting for small to medium-sized kitchens
  • No corner space is used so cabinets can be easily integrated
  • Prevents a small modular kitchen from appearing dark and claustrophobic
  • Strategically installed lighting to brighten the space

In a Parallel modular kitchen design, there is no deficiency of only choosing brilliant color schemes to create the area look well – spacious. Despite the fact, there are more than enough areas for you to go forward and place that shutter on the wall which has no shelves. The plenty of simple light will further open up the area. Moreover, black walls with black granite modular kitchen shelves will not create the already confined space also smaller.

Are you wondering, if a parallel modular kitchen interior layout is the right one for you?

Investigate different types of modular kitchen layouts that can apply in your kitchen – and just be the best size for it. You can check out our latest post or may visit our website for more information. Select the best design for your kitchen and book an appointment with the best designers.

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