The perfect cage for your rat

Rats are nice, intelligent and friendly rodents. Therefore, these small mammals can be great pets, but they have specific basic needs, so we show you how to create the perfect cage for your rat.

The perfect cage for your rat

Rats are high-energy animals that need plenty of space to walk and explore throughout the day. A small cage, like that of hamsters , even like that of rabbits, is too small and your rat is going to have a hard time.

The best solution for the perfect cage for your rat is a tall cage, which has several floors. In order to ventilate and keep your house free of humidity, it must be made of bars: that is, rats need a cage similar to that of ferrets. The more floors you have, the more space you will have to walk and run.

The substrate and hygiene

Your rat will use its cage to relieve itself. You can use a corner that will serve as a litter tray , but even in it you must have a good substrate for rodents.

The areas of the cage where your rat is stepping should be solid: if they are made of bars as hamster cages were in the past, they will hurt their feet. Also, the substrate will creep between the bars and the cage will get dirty too quickly.

Avoid substrates that give off dust, such as kitty litter or sawdust. There are many types of safe substrate on the market: pressed straw, cotton balls, prepared sawdust, pressed wood… Try different types of rodent substrate until both you and your rat are comfortable.

Give him hidden places to sleep

Part of the instinct of rats tells them to hide regularly and always have a den nearby. Therefore, it is important that you prepare different hiding places and huts in his cage in which he can shelter and sleep safely.

You can buy houses and nests that your rat will use as a bedroom, but they can also be made at home: with non-toxic wood, in case it decides to gnaw on it, or with cardboard, without paints or dyes. Rats also like hammocks and tunnels. Have fun looking for the best solution for your rats and trying new inventions to allow him to choose which one he likes the best.

Eat and drink

Rats should always have food and drink at their disposal. The drinker that they will use will be a ball, like the rest of the rodents. Find one that won’t leak and puddle the ground and spoil the perfect cage for your rat.

For food, the best solution is to have two containers: one for feed and dry food, and one for fresh food . Ideally, these containers should be metallic or ceramic, so they can be easily washed. You may need to grab them to the cage bars to prevent your rats from tipping them over and spoiling the food.

Games and entertainment

Rats are one of the most intelligent animals we can find, so mental stimulation is very important for them. We must provide them with challenges, toys and puzzles in which to entertain themselves. Part of the things that will make it the perfect cage for your rat are in the toys and challenges.

We can divide the toys into those aimed at doing physical exercise or mental exercise. You can find them in specialized animal stores, or you can try creating them at home: remember to use non-toxic woods and materials that can be ingested.

Among the physical exercise toys we can find tunnels, stairs, bridges or climbing ropes. If your cage also has horizontal bars, it is likely that they will be used for climbing. Rats are very active animals and they will need to use these toys to discharge their energy.

But in addition to the body, they need to exercise the mind. You can teach them orders to keep them entertained or you can create little puzzles that they must solve: a box with papers and prizes inside, for them to break and rummage; a box with hidden prizes, so they can get inside to rearrange them and dive … They also tend to like balls and feathers for cats.

The secret for your pet to be happy and live healthy for a long time is knowing how to create a perfect cage for your rat. You need room to run and climb, but also to stimulate your intelligence . Do not neglect his diet and visits to the vet; so your rat will live for many years.

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