Are You Looking for Mid-year Admission in a Primary School?

Have you recently moved to Noida and are looking for a primary school that could accommodate your child in the middle of the year? If the answer is yes, then look no further. We have the perfect school for you that would not only admit your child in the midst of the year, but will also make sure that there is no loss of syllabus and the child is well-adjusted.

Global Indian International School is one of top schools in Noida offering admissions throughout the year. The school has a unique Bridge Programme especially for the students joining in the middle of the year. The extraordinary programme helps students in coping up with the syllabus and making new friends.

The Bridge Programme assists students in making up for the lost time. Your child will receive extra help from teachers as well as fellow classmates to catch up with the rest of the class and learn everything that has been missed. But how does it work?

The subject teachers share all the assignments conducted prior to the joining of your child and help them in completing the assignments so that the child is at par with other classmates. As the name itself suggests, the Bridge Programme has been developed to create a bridge between the new and existing students. 

Moreover, the primary school teachers also provide extra study material in case the new students find it difficult to cope up with the syllabus. Teachers at GIIS ensure that the new students are well-prepared for the next grade, apart from being thorough with the current classes’ syllabus.

Global Indian International School, Noida offers different facilities to help new students catch up with their peers.

  • Study Material: Students who enrol in the middle of the year receive extra study materials and assignments. They will be able to go over the lessons that they have missed with the help of the printed study kit. A photocopy of the notes taken by students is also provided by the class teachers.
  • Teacher Support: If a student faces difficulty in grasping the concepts, teacher assistance is available throughout the day. In addition, some teachers are also available during the vacations to assist the new students in strengthening the basics.
  • Peer Support: Fellow classmates assist new students in speeding up and catching up with the syllabus. Senior students or some of the top performing students are selected to help new students during free periods or lunch breaks.

GIIS’ unique Bridge Programme makes it a popular choice among parents and one of the top schools in Noida today. The school offers CBSE curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and also has a wing for kindergarten. GIIS offers a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities for the overall development of the students. Head to their website to know more about the school.

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