How are the fees paid?

The installments will expire on the 16th of each month from the month immediately following that in which the debt is consolidated and the membership is formalized, and will be canceled by direct debit to a bank account.

In the event that the cancellation of the respective installment had not been effected by the general expiration date set in the preceding paragraph, a new direct debit attempt will be made from the checking account or savings account on the 26th of the same month.

The fees that have not been debited in the previous cases, as well as their compensatory interests, may be rehabilitated by the system.

The taxpayer may opt for his direct debit on the 12th day of the month immediately following that of the request for rehabilitation or for his payment through electronic transfer of funds through the generation of an Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP), considering for this purpose that this functionality will be available after the expiration of the quota in question.

Said rehabilitation will not prevent the expiration of the plan in the event of any of the anticipated causes.

Compensatory interest will be paid together with the respective fee.

When the expiration date set for the collection of the fee coincides with a holiday or non-business day, it will be moved to the first immediately following business day. If it is a local holiday, the fee will be debited during the following days, according to the particularities of the respective banking operation.

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