Important SEO Things You Need to Improve to Get the Right Traffic

SEO staff keeps on upgrading every day with the updating technology. If you own an online business, it is always better to consult experienced SEO Dubai to keep the website performance on top. Sometimes, it might happen that even if you work on the SEO of your website, you might not see enough traffic.

Understand the connection between your traffic and business

Any good SEO plan should be built around your major industry and its target audience. You should focus on the following questions to know your audience and business in a better way.

  • Who are your main rivals?
  • Where do your competitors’ main customers come from?
  • What is the primary method by which your competitors carry out their SEO strategy?
  • Which competition is the most savage?

Keyword research

It’s just as vital to know what your audience is looking for as it is to know how they’re looking for it. An SEO strategy can be made or broken by small changes in keyword research. Also, you should be well-versed in industry market trends, as well as buyer profiles and how they affect your overall SEO approach.

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User intent

The next factor that is critical to the success of any SEO campaign is the user intent behind keywords.

Analysis and reporting

Effective analysis and reporting play a crucial role in improving the performance of SEO. It’s better to keep track of the SEO results and daily statistics to keep track of the performance.


It is crucial to focus on mobile-friendly SEO also because if they are the best result for the query, they will still appear in search results. As most of the public nowadays use mobile for instant search.


It will be tough for search engines to scan your site if your website architecture is off, your internal linking is off, or you don’t even have a sitemap.xml file. Technical implementations that prohibit spiders from crawling the site are another concern.


Crawling and indexing are not the same things. These two processes are slightly relatable to each other. Ineffective use of no index and no follow will have a detrimental influence on indexing. While you can use Fetch as Google in Google Search Console to get around not having a sitemap, it is just quicker and more effective to generate a sitemap and submit it to fetch as Google.


Content is the crucial part that influences the audience so, displaying beautiful content is a vital part to improve the performance of SEO.


It’s not a big problem if you get a terrible link now and again. When you do something like this repeatedly and fill your link profile with bad links, it becomes a major issue. It’s possible that this will come back to bite you.


Hope you found the above article useful for your SEO improvement. Focus on the above points to maintain the SEO performance and keep your business up to date. Hire SEO Agency Dubai in case of any SEO issues.

Source: Important SEO Things You Need to Improve to Get the Right Traffic

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