Bihari delicious staples in Bodh Gaya

Bihar, a culturally affluent state, is also well-known again for variety of delicacy found in its cuisines. The delectable and diverse Bihari cuisines are worthy of tickling the taste receptors of any culinary enthusiast.

Well, here’s a collection of must-try Bihari culinary delicacies available at Jataka Inn, one of the best restaurants in Bodhgaya, that are beyond the standard Sattu or Parval ki Mithai and will end up leaving you wanting more! 

  • Chandrakala

Chandrakala, like Gujia, is a delightful treat for individuals with something like a sugary craving. Chandrakala seems to be a delicacy representing Bihar’s regional dishes that’s also packed of caramelized khoya, coconut, cardamom powder, plus dried fruits inside a crispy coating being dunked into sugar syrup.

  • Chana Ghughni

Throughout Bihar, Chana Ghughni is really a spicy-tangy evening treat. This mouth-watering snack is cooked in practically every family in Bihar. It is extremely frequent but nevertheless extremely tasty. Steamed chickpeas, cooked in onion and spices, then served with “Chuda ka bhuja” are a delicious way to quench the appetite! Flattened and dried gramme is frequently utilised in the preparation of various salty snacks. 

  • Khaja

Khaja, another similarly delectable and delightful Bihar delicacy, is thought to have been a 2000 years old idea, quite comparable towards the Ottoman Empire’s Baklava. This crunchy treat is comprised of wheat bread, jaggery, and mawa, and it is deeply fried. These distinctive Bihar treat has a wafer-like structure which dissolves in the tongue. Belgrami is yet another version prepared with milk proteins (a kind of cheese), sugar, and ghee. It’s a somewhat sweet from Udwantnagar, which itself is located around Arrah and Buxar and is easily available in almost all bodhgaya restaurants

  • Reshmi Kebabs with Mutton Kebabs

Bihar is also well-known for its delectable non-vegetarian fare. Patna’s well-known Mutton Kebabs have just a similarly deep and ancient history. The perfume of a little store in Kadamkua draws you in and welcomes guest to Mahgu; his Great Grandfather was a cook there in British Court of law. Mahgu’s Mutton Kebabs are indeed a delectable pleasure for your flavour senses.

Richie Rich’s exquisite Reshmi Kebabs compete with Lucknow’s Galauti Kebabs on the way to Rajendra Nagar in Patna. 

  • Laung-Latika

Laung-latika seems to be a typical Bihar delicacy served around festivals. Though comparable to certain other filled delicacies, Laung latika’s clove inside the middle of the crunchy crust sets it unique. Its sharp flavour of something like the cloves, combined with the sweet filling soaked in sugar syrup, dissolves with in mouth; this complex mixture of flavours renders Laung Lata unique to Bihar. The dish is ideal for the chilly colder months, and famous stores may be found in the area the Patna Meusum. 

  • Dal Peetha

Dal Peetha seems to be the Bihari method of making dumplings or momos. This traditional Bihari dish is coated in rice flour and packed in lentil paste, spices, and pickle. This dumpling would then be boiled or grilled and serves as a nutritious breakfast. Dal-Puri is a version of all this in which the lentil paste is combined with f95zone seasonings and made into chappatis.

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