What Are The Different Job Positions At Amazon For Candidates?

Amazon is not a new name to the world and is known to be among those companies that have totally transformed the terrain of e-Commerce. So there is no surprise in it that the platform offers numerous options to the deserving candidates at their workplace. If you think about being a software engineer to get a job at Amazon, maybe you are wrong. Here you will come to know about some of the easiest Amazon warehouse positions that you can apply for! 

How To Apply For Warehouse Jobs?

There is so much diversity of amazon warehouse jobs Houston so you may find it tough to pick the simplest one. Job positions like packer or picker may not require lifting but have rates for you. You can also work at the docks which do not require any rates but demand physical labor. Surely you will get a brief abstract of some jobs that can be done at the warehouse Amazon but there are many others that you are not aware of. Some jobs are not even called warehouse jobs and are being considered full-time center positions by Amazon.

Job Structure Of Amazon Jobs 

A candidate should know that not all jobs at Amazon warehouse come into simple category jobs. Indeed some are quite easy but each of the jobs comes with its own set of summons. Here you will get a breakdown of different jobs which can be done at the Amazon warehouse and their ease of doing. For beginners, it is a great option if you don’t have many high-paying skills. The best option for part-time job seekers! 

Amazon has an employee-level structure within its workspace. From 1-10 levels, each of the employees is assigned a level by the eCommerce managers depending on what task they are doing. The first 3 levels support staff jobs which cover FC workers and warehouse roles. Next, the higher levels for engineering jobs include other SIDE positions. Level 4 will include a fresh graduate while an MBA will make a start at levels 5 & 6. 

Amazon Warehouse Jobs Houston

Simple Amazon Warehouse jobs 

No job at Amazon warehouse falls into the easy category. They generally don’t require much expertise to get that specific job. But some level of proficiency is for sure required when you are working with Amazon. Have a look at some of them!

1. Inbound Docks  

People doing these jobs handle large Amazon trucks and do the unloading of the dock when the truck arrives. The trucks get loaded with so many products and goods and the package is got from docks and trucks. The inbound dock associate does the job of off-loading the items and putting down boxes on a small conveyor belt. Other groups of workers will take charge of assembling these boxes on a pallet. The worker also needs to keep a check on the pallet so that the items don’t fall off in case it gets full.

2. Water Spiders 

In case the pallets are put on the cargo life, the worker’s named water spiders do the transportation work. This is generally the job of water spiders – transporting the pallets that have been brought up by lift and further delivering them to stowers. Many people find this job boring and there is too much transportation of these pallets in a day.

3. Stowers 

Stowers cut off the tape that is being wrapped around the pallets. Then the packages are put on robotic pods which serve as an inventory. Also, there will be many pods inside the Amazon warehouse with each of them holding so many items. The customer can purchase these items from the Amazon website.

4. Problem Solver 

As the name reflects, these people put the place in things to make sure that everything is examined correctly. They may also have to deal with broken products or anything that can’t be put on pods. In simple terms, they take charge of all such things. Though this is a quite tough task, can be done. Every type of Amazon jobs in Houston is specialized for the employee who certifies productivity. They also make a walk around with a cart and computer to cross-check if everything is in order.

5. Picker 

When a user purchases an item, the pod will be aware that it has been purchased from the website. Pods being super smart, steer themselves to a picking station and this is the point where their job gets started. The job of the picker is to refer to the computer that knows which items have been purchased. That item will be then picked from the pod. Next, the item is put inside a yellow case and then put into a conveyor system which is quite big and impressive.

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