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Unable to get sound sleep in pregnancy? Do you want to get comfortable during your pregnancy period so that you can relax better? Are you looking for a pillow that will help you in giving you support during the pregnancy period? Well, we all know that the pregnancy period is the hardest in a woman’s life where she needs to be careful regarding her body and her health.  

In this article, we will tell you about a product that should be with you during the pregnancy period and, i.e., a Pregnancy pillow. This article will cover all the benefits and usage of pregnancy pillows so that there is no confusion or doubt regarding the product at the end of the article. So, let’s find out.  

What are pregnancy pillows? 

Pillows are made to give comfort to the neck and head during sleep with their soft material and designs. However, with the help of new technologies and ideas, many companies have manufactured pillows, especially for pregnancy also.  

With the help of a Pregnancy Sleeping pillow, a woman can be able to sleep properly and comfortably at night because for a pregnant woman, getting rest is one of the important things during this phase. Mostly, the material used in this pillow is a blend of cotton and polyester, and it is cut out in the form of a U-shape or C-shape so that it can give proper comfort to the body.  

What are the advantages of Pregnancy pillows? 

Every pregnant woman should buy this product because of the benefits it offers to the ladies like: 

  • It helps you in adjusting your new position during sleep at the time of pregnancy because, during pregnancy, a woman has to sleep in a certain position to avoid pressure on her tummy.  
  • With the help of the Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow, your body parts like neck, back, and hips are better aligned during sleep which gives you a nice sleep experience.  
  • You can put your legs parallel to each other so that the pressure on your hips and pubic bones can be reduced.  
  • The pregnancy pillow helps you sleep properly, which results in better circulation in the body and also avoids problems that usually occur during pregnancy like heartburn, nasal congestion, and cramps.  
  • It helps in stiffing your position so that you wouldn’t roll over on your back while sleeping.  

Now let’s see the types of pregnancy pillows available on the market and internet. 

What are the types of Pregnancy pillows? 

Like any other pillows and products, it doesn’t guarantee that if one pillow is comfortable for others it will be comfortable for you too. That’s why you will find different types of pregnancy pillows in the market for different purposes and solve different problems.  

  • C-Shaped or Contour  

C-Shaped or Contour pillows help the mother in supporting their back and belly during resting, keep the legs and hips parallel to each other, and also keep your neck supported.  

  • U-Shaped  

It is the best pregnancy pillow because of the advantages like supporting every part of the body equally, keeping the legs and hips parallel, and also keeping the neck aligned with the back. 

  • Wedge 

Wedge pregnancy pillows help support the targeted areas like under your belly or behind your back, or between the knees. If you are afraid that you will roll over during sleep, then this type of pillow is best for you because it helps restrict the movements during sleep and keep you cooler as compared to the full-body option.  

How to Select the Best Pregnancy Pillow? 

If you are confused while buying a pregnancy pillow and don’t know how to choose one, then here are some points which will help you select the best pregnancy pillows according to your need and comfort.  

  • Check out the size of the pillow that you require. The size of each pillow varies from type to type. Make up your mind about how much space you want to give to this pillow, and then look for it.  
  • The shape of the pillow is an important aspect, as we already discussed the types of shapes above. You can check out the comfort level and see which shape gives you a better comfort level at night during sleep.  
  • Last but not least, i.e., material. Make sure that the material of the pregnancy pillow is soft and durable so that it will give you backache and cramps at night. 

Choose your pregnancy pillow wisely as for a pregnant woman; getting enough rest at night is an important thing for her health and also for the health of the baby. With the above points, you will be able to choose the best pregnancy pillows and relax properly.  

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