Types of self tanners

Before getting yours, you should know what types of self-tanners you will find on the market. This is explained to us by Felipe Martín , from the Galileo61 pharmacy and an expert in cosmetic dermatology. Knowing the 5 types of self-tanners that there are will make your tan safer, faster and more effective.

Self Tanning Spray

They have the advantage that they dry faster and achieve the same effect as the others. Of course, you must be an expert level in self-tanners to use it well without leaving skin areas without applying product.



Self-tanning mitts

Do not confuse them with the mitt to apply the self-tanner, because it is not the same. These mittens are usually single-use, easy to use and help spread the product evenly if you are not an expert yet.

Self tanners in mousse

They are very appetizing, and tasty, they act around 4 or 6 hours and their foam texture is very refreshing. To help you apply it, here yes, the applicator mitt will be necessary.

Self-tanning wipes

They are usually self-tanning only to give color to the face and single doses.

Self-tanning lotions

The most common and recommended for drier skin as in addition to adding color, they help hydrate the skin after the shower. The tone is usually progressive and modulable and many of them are enriched with ingredients such as vitamin E. Of course, you need to use sun protection on top because they are not photoprotective.

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