Cricketers Who can be Great Commentators In The Future

Commentary is the one aspect that adds some extra zest to any sport while being watched on the television. In the stadium, the sport is uplifted by the energy of the fans and the chanting around the stadium. But when one is sitting in the comfort of their homes and watching the game closely, it is only commentary that gives the game a second life. The commentators not only help viewers get an in-depth understanding of the game but their fun and conversational banter also makes one feel part of the discussion and enjoy the lighter side of the game while sitting back and being engrossed in the match altogether. 

While today cricket matches can be enjoyed on a screen in high definition, it was commentary back in the years that helped people know what was going on the field via radios. Thus, today, though there may be no such need for commentary, one must remember that it provides a three-dimensional analysis of the game you are watching while making it all the more entertaining.

In case you are catching the action of the World T20 2021 and are wondering who among the current lot of cricketers can serve to be great commentators in the future, then you have reached the appropriate article. Here, we shall list out some of the best candidates for the job in hindsight:

1. MS Dhoni:

The former Indian captain MS Dhoni is known by many names due to his various attributes on the field. However, his image of a thinker and a street-smart cricketer is unforgettable. His unconventional team selection, his unusual batting style, his out-of-the-box approach to situations during the game all made him a master of the game. While these attributes may have won him numerous accolades, the true insight of his mind can be gotten by viewers only when the legend steps into the commentary box and shares his opinions about what’s happening on the field. His immense popularity and understanding shall be followed closely by listeners all across the globe.

2. R. Ashwin:

Another brainy candidate for the role of a commentator in the future is the spin wizard from Southern India. The man is a genius and has shown his brilliance and presence of mind on the field. His YouTube channel and mini-blogs have been a glimpse of his talent in the field of commentating.

3. David Warner:

The Australian opener is known to be a fierce hitter of the ball and an absolute run-scoring machine. He is witty and has the great comic timing to boast of whilst having immense knowledge and understanding of the game. He has often shown his funny side on social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and having him in the commentary box shall be an absolute delight.

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