Power Quality Audit – Necessary Or Inessential?

Power Factor

At times commercial or industrial spaces face unexplained electrical issues like power failures or spikes. The supplier is to blame for it, but this does not solve the problem as this would not only give you the electrical issues but would also show a substantial increase in the power bill. The vital reason for these unexplained issues is receiving poor power quality. This is where the Power Quality Monitoring comes in.

Further Power Quality Audit will enable you to assess the electrical system in a variety of aspects, including efficiency, reliability, stability, and safety.

What Is Power Quality?

Power quality, as the name suggests, is the facets of the power in terms of quality of current and voltage that enables the device to function properly. If the waveform of the voltage is poor, this would induce disruptions in the functioning of the equipment.

Good quality power if the sinusoidal waveforms at a frequency of 60Hz without any sags or spikes.

The disturbances in these waveforms could be introduced by either the source of the power or is the internal load. These disturbances are namely harmonic distortions, irregular AC frequencies, flickering and power spikes or sags.

What Is a Power Quality Audit?

As mentioned before, the power quality audit would suspect the system for any anomalies in efficiency, reliability, stability, and safety. The sole aim of the audit is to detect the flaws in the power quality to ensure that the system works at the optimal level.

The data that has been collected from the power quality audit is then further utilized for the engineers to address the issue as well as to fetch the most probable solution.

Why Is Power Quality Audit Important?

When it comes to detecting the Harmonics and electrical distribution system problems, we cant detect these with our naked eyes. We are limited to the only option that is an assessment to detect these, and this is where the power quality audit takes centre stage.

Power Quality Monitoring

Now that we know the impact of the power quality on the components of the electronically functioning system, it is essential to eliminate the chances of power quality issues by power quality audit. Here is more why one must never overlook the power quality audit.

Here is the bad impact that the power quality audit detects.

  • A clear picture of your electrical systems state.
  • Voltage / current spike in the distribution network
  • Overheating of equipment or system
  • Inaccuracy of instrument measurement
  • Detect Nuisance
  • Damage in the capacitor
  • Malfunction of controls and components
  • Interference in telecommunication systems
  • It helps avoid unexpected equipment failure and downtime
  • identifies eliminating power bottlenecks
  • Help determine the cause of nuisance, whether it be flickering lights, tripping breakers, etc.
  • It helps improve power factor
  • Enables minimizing repairs
  • Extend the durability of your electrical equipment
  • Minimize possibilities of short circuits

Neglecting presence or non-detection of any of this would result in equipment failure, expensive repairs, deteriorating performance, safety hazards and more. Why not get the Power Factor on a regular basis instead and stay relieved of any of these possibilities.

Source: Is Power Quality Audit Important?

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