The International Symposium “The Recording Industry of Academic Music” will be held at RMS.

As part of the International Prize for the Best Audio Recording of Russian Academic Music “Pure Sound,” the Second International Symposium “The Sound Recording Industry of Academic Music” will be held in Moscow on October 15-17, 2021. The event is being organized by the Russian Musical Union (RMS).

The following symposium will be the country’s largest industry event focused on current music business issues. Its participation will include well-known Russian and international sound engineering and music production professionals: They will convene to share information and cooperate, to debate important industry challenges and potential solutions, and to create ideas for expanding the domestic sound recording sector of academic music.

Among the symposium’s speakers are Udo Potraz, sound engineer for the Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg (Germany), Erdo Groot, director, producer, and balance specialist for the record label Polyhymnia International (Netherlands), and Maria Soboleva, professor at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, the Moscow Conservatory, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Mikhail Spassky, Moscow Conservatory’s sound engineer; Viktor Osadchev, director of the Gnesins’ sound engineering department at the Russian Academy of Music; Andrey Levin, “Mosfilm” sound engineer, and others.

“The Symposium is a fantastic chance for specialists in the recording business to share information, ideas, and viewpoints on how to enhance sound quality in the twenty-first century,” Udo Potraz says.

The program of the forum is wide and diverse. A business component includes a scientific and practical conference titled “Sound engineering – the profession of the future,” followed by the publication of a collection of materials; a round table discussion on vocational education in the field of sound engineering; public discussions on copyright issues; and interaction between a sound engineer and a composer, performer, producer, and label.

There will also be master classes on studio recording, archival recording restoration, vinyl mastering, and sound engineering in electroacoustic music, as well as lectures on classical sound engineering, concert recording, orchestral technology in cinema, and sound engineering in electroacoustic music. The Moscow Conservatory, the Bolshoi Theater, the Novaya Opera, the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, the Helikon-Opera, the Mosfilm studio, and the CineLab will all be open to symposium attendees for technical visits.

At the World Trade Center site, a vast display of professional and sound equipment will be set up, with Neumann, homepage Nikfi, Oktava, site and other businesses presenting new developments in the field of sound technology. During the conference, the Moscow Conservatory’s Center for Electroacoustic Music will also play in Rachmaninov Hall.

Because of the inclusion of a block on education in the field of sound engineering, the international forum will become a one-of-a-kind platform not only for practicing sound engineers and sound technicians, employees of sound workshops of music and drama theaters, concert halls, recording companies, and film studios, but also for teachers and students of higher and secondary educational institutions.

Radio Orpheus, the International Music Council (IMC), the European Music Council (EMC), Radio Russia, the All-Russian Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs, and the National Foundation for the Support of Copyright Holders The Kultura newspaper, the information portal “Kulturomania,” the information agency InterMedia, the periodicals “Musical Life” and “Sound Engineer,” as well as the audio equipment shop Dr. Head, are all sponsors of the Pure Sound Prize and International Symposium.

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