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Eagle defensive disappearance Jucks is not worried about slap data

This year’s eagle defensive group is currently not too high, their rushing is only harvested twice.

After completing 10.5 times in the last season, cheap china jerseys free shipping after the new high, the four-degree selection of professional bowls, Fletcher Cox, Cox (Fletcher Cox) is currently not good, no killing, two games are only completed twice Quarter-assault impact.

However, Cox is not worried, he is in an interview: “Our defensive front line members are not worried about the problem of killing, we have a lot of four-point guard in the past two weeks, and they will come naturally, and Will get it. We only have to wait patiently, don’t worry. “

Derek Barnett completed 12 four-point guard, Brand Graham applied 10 times, cheap nfl jerseys and two outer rushing hand data were ranked first.

The eagle’s anti-transmission looks larger, they allow the opponent to advance the 680 yards, the ranking of the League is second.

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