11th Guards Tank Brigade

11th Separate Guards Heavy Tank Korsun-Berlin Red Banner Orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky Brigade (abbreviated 11th Guards Otbr) – a military formation of the Armed Forces of the USSR that took part in the Great Patriotic War.


Its history dates back to the 133rd Tank Brigade

formed in September 1941 on the basis of the 10th Panzer Division

“For the courage, perseverance, courage and heroism shown by the personnel in the battles against the Nazi invaders” on December 8, 1942, it was transformed into a Guards Brigade and became known as the 11th Separate Guards Tank Brigade. On December 14, 1942, 32 T-34s and 21 T-70s from the Tambov Kolkhoznik tank column were to the brigade.

In February-March 1943, as part of the 2nd Tank Army, then the 65th Army of the Central Front, she participated in an offensive operation in the Bryansk direction.

In the defensive battle near Kursk, as part of the 2nd Tank Army, she fought fierce battles in the direction of one of the most powerful enemy attacks (Olkhovatka area). In cooperation with the formations of the 13th Army, 16th and 19th Panzer Corps, she repelled all enemy attempts to break through the defenses of the Soviet troops.

In the second half of 1943, the brigade took part in the Oryol offensive operation and the defeat of German troops in the Left-Bank Ukraine.

In January 1944, she was transferred to the 1st Ukrainian Front, as part of whose troops she participated in the Korsun-Shevchenko offensive operation.

For the difference in the battles on the completion of the destruction of the grouping of German troops surrounded in the area of ​​the city of Korsun-Shevchenkovsky, she was awarded the honorary title „Korsunskaya” (February 26, 1944).

In the Uman-Botoshansk offensive operation of 1944, a brigade as part of the 2nd Tank Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front distinguished itself in hostilities during the liberation of Uman, for which it was awarded the Order of Suvorov, 2nd degree (March 19, 1944).

In the Lublin-Brest offensive operation of 1944, she acted as part of the 8th Guards Army.

She was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for exemplary performance of command assignments in breaking through the enemy’s defenses west of Kovel (August 9).

At the end of July it entered the territory of Poland. On August 2, in the Tarnów area, she crossed the river. Vistula and for a month fought fierce battles to expand the captured bridgehead on the left bank of the river.

In October-November 1944, it was part of the Polish Army. With its personnel and material part, she assisted in the creation of the 1st Polish Tank School.


In December 1944, it was again included in the 1st Belorussian Front and reorganized into the 11th Separate Guards Heavy Tank Brigade, its tank battalions were rearmed with IS-2 heavy tanks and reorganized into the 90th, 91st, 92nd Guards heavy tank regiments. By directive GSh KA No. Org / 3/315085 from 01.12.1944, the brigade was transferred to a new heavy state. The deadline is January 1, 1945.

In January-March 1945, as part of the 61st and 8th Guards Armies, she participated in the Warsaw-Poznan and East Pomeranian offensive operations.

For the exemplary performance of the command assignments by the personnel during the capture of the city and fortress of Poznan and the valor and courage shown in this, she was awarded the Order of Kutuzov, 2nd degree (April 5, 1945).

“For successful actions in battles during the defeat of Nazi troops in Eastern Pomerania” – the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 2nd degree (April 26, 1944).

The tankers of the brigade as part of the 5th Shock Army of the 1st Belorussian Front acted bravely in the Berlin offensive. In the course of breaking through the defensive lines on the approaches to Berlin and during its assault, they destroyed and disabled more than 2 thousand enemy soldiers and officers, more than 60 tanks and self-propelled artillery installations (assault guns), 200 guns and mortars, 270 machine gun points, freed from concentration camps about 2 thousand prisoners of war.

For the difference in the battles during the capture of Berlin, the brigade was given the honorary name „Berlin” (June 11, 1945).


When to a Guards Brigade:

  • Brigade management (staff number 010/270)
  • 1st separate tank battalion (state number 010/271)
  • 2nd separate tank battalion (state number 010/272)
  • Motorized rifle and machine gun battalion (state number 010/273)
  • Fighter anti-tank battery (state No. 010/274)
  • Management company (state number 010/275)
  • Technical support company (staff number 010/276)
  • Medical platoon (state number 010/277)

08/10/1943 – 01/01/1944 reorganized according to states No. 010 / 500-010 / 506:

  • Brigade management (state number 010/500)
  • 1st dep. tank battalion (state number 010/501)
  • 2nd dep. tank battalion (state number 010/501)
  • 3rd department tank battalion (state number 010/501)
  • Motorized battalion of machine gunners (state number 010/502)
  • machine gun company (state number 010/503)
  • Management company (state number 010/504)
  • Technical support company (staff number 010/505)
  • Medical platoon (state number 010/506)

From January 1, 1945:

  • Brigade management (state number 010/500)
  • 90th Guards Heavy Tank Regiment (state number 010/460)
  • 91st Guards Heavy Tank Regiment (state number 010/460)
  • 92nd Guards Heavy Tank Regiment (state number 010/460)
  • Reconnaissance company (state number 010/526)
  • Anti-aircraft company M-15 (state number 010/527)
  • Management company (state number 010/504)
  • Technical support company (staff number 010/505)
  • Medical platoon (state number 010/506)
  • Shooting department of the counterintelligence department „SMERSH” (state number 010/516)
  • in March 1945 the brigade was subordinated to the 1818th glanders


As part of the troops of the Bryansk, South-West, Stalingrad, Central, 1st and 2nd Ukrainian, 1st Belorussian fronts.

As part of the Active Army: from 01/15/1943 to 09/02/1943 and from 01/18/1944 to 05/09/1945

The commanding staff of the brigade during the Great Patriotic War

Brigade commanders

  • 12/08/1942 – 08/02/1943 – Bubnov, Nikolai Matveyevich, lieutenant colonel, from 05/16/1942 colonel
  • 08/03/1943 – 03/27/1944 – Koshaev, Nikolai Mikhailovich, lieutenant colonel, from 09/09/1943 colonel
  • 03/28/1944 – 05/09/1945 – Eremeev, Boris Romanovich, colonel

Deputy brigade commander for combat units

  • at 01.45, 04.45 – Marunichev, Frol Kuzmich, Guards. lieutenant colonel

Brigade chiefs of staff

  • 08.12.1942 – 00.12.1944 – Rodionov, Pyotr Fedorovich, major
  • 12/12/1944 – 06/10/1945 – Velichko, Ivan Leontievich, Guards. major, lieutenant colonel

Deputy Brigade Commanders for Political Affairs

  • 12/08/1942 – 06/19/1943 – Kalustov, Grigory Shaumovich, lieutenant colonel

Deputy brigade commander for technical matters

  • Kozlov Viktor Zakharovich, Guards. major

Head of the political department (since June 1943 he is also the deputy commander for political affairs)

  • 12/08/1942 – 06/19/1943 Ermakov Pavel Illarionovich, major, from 04/19/1943 – lieutenant colonel
  • 06/19/1943 – 08/07/1943 Kalustov, Grigory Shaumovich, lieutenant colonel, from 06/20/1943 – colonel (died of wounds)
  • 08/13/1943 – 07/25/1945 Zhuravlev Karp Matveevich, lieutenant colonel, from 03/20/1945 – colonel

Deputy brigade commander for the rear

  • Kornienko Nikita Alekseevich, Guards. quartermaster major

Chief of the Operations Department (Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations)

  • at 04.45 Bezkorovainy, Georgy Maksimovich, Guards. major

Awards and honorary titles

Heroes of the Soviet Union

Many soldiers of the brigade were awarded orders and medals, 14 were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

  • Bubnov, Nikolai Matveyevich, guard lieutenant colonel, brigade commander. The title was awarded posthumously.
  • Eremeev, Boris Romanovich, guard colonel, brigade commander.
  • Kalashnikov, Prokofiy Yakovlevich, guard major, commander of a tank battalion.
  • Kalustov, Grigory Shaumovich, guard colonel, deputy brigade commander for political affairs. The title was awarded posthumously.
  • Koshaev, Nikolai Mikhailovich, guard colonel, brigade commander.
  • Krupinov, Pyotr Nikiforovich, guard petty officer, commander of the submachine gunner squad of a motorized submachine gunner battalion.
  • Matyunin, Mikhail Grigorievich, senior sergeant of the guard, commander of a submachine gun squad of a motorized submachine gunner battalion.
  • Nesvetailov, Vladimir Ivanovich, guard lieutenant, tank platoon commander.
  • Pustovalov, Alexey Mikhailovich, junior lieutenant of the guard, platoon commander.
  • Smirnov, Konstantin Aleksandrovich, guard junior lieutenant, tank commander. The title was awarded posthumously.
  • Telechenko, Yakov Platonovich, guard junior lieutenant, tank commander.

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