7 Sikh Wall Paintings That Restore your Faith in Almighty

Sikhism is a widely practiced Indian religion that evolved since the end of the 15th century. Formed recently, it has the fifth largest adherents worldwide. The word Sikhs means learners. Despite constant evolutions, the practitioners of this religion remain obedient. There are around 25 million Sikhs and they account for only 2% population. The Sikh Wall Paintings are a way of reminding the young generation about their rich heritage. Not just do these art pieces imbibe positive vibes, but restore conviction in humanity. Although Sikhism doesn’t believe in idol worship, these paintings are a way to remember the Gurus. Before we delve into the type of Sikh Wall paintings on Wallmantra, check some facts about Sikhism:

  1. Khanda is the religious symbol of Sikhism. It consists of a double-edged sword, one round weapon and two single-edged swords.
  2. There are ten human gurus in Sikhism. However, the current Guru of Sikhs is their holy book, named Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  3. Their devotional and serviceable character is not hidden from the world. Sikhs like to serve food to the people, regardless of their religion.
  4. Sikhism firmly believes in one God. In addition, it has the most ardent followers worldwide. 
  5. It is the only religion that focuses on Women Empowerment throughout their holy book.

Keeping the sanctity of the faith alive, WallMantra has designed every painting intricately. Our expert designers have tried their best to keep the clarity intact. Moreover, every piece is finished with precision and refinement. Besides bestowing positivity, these pieces of art create a blissful ambiance.

Sikh Golden Temple Scenery Canvas Wall Painting Big Panoramic

Golden temple in Amritsar, India is the holiest place of worship. Built-in thousands of hectares, it signifies purity and spirituality. Besides being a religious place, it accommodates the largest community kitchen in the world. Not just this place reflects purity but also equally beautiful. This Sikh Wall painting is an artistic masterpiece. Submerged in blue hues, it dramatically changes the aura. Manufactured on a glossy canvas, it is a high-definition painting. It comes with a foldable frame and is ready to hang. Also, it covers around 53×24 inches and fills the bare walls flawlessly.   

Ek Onkar Wooden Framed 5 Pieces Canvas Painting

“Ek Onkar” signifies that God is one. The symbol of Ek Onkar is often there in dwellings of Sikhs or their place of worship. Also, its widespread reflection denotes the faith in the omnipresence of God. This beautiful Sikh Painting reflects the symbol in five different wooden frames. The grey colour with golden hues perfectly balances out the surroundings. While suggesting simplicity and subtleness, it looks aesthetically pleasing. Stretched and ready to hang, it covers around 44×24 inches of area.

Sikh Gurus Framed Wall Painting

Unlike past, religious paintings are no longer confined to meditation rooms. This Sikh Wall Painting displaying all the ten Gurus reflects sacredness. Hanging it in a home gives a hint of the almighty’s presence. Beautifully framed and stretched on high-definition print, it is lightweight and durable. Despite being designed in a usual white and black frame, it looks spectacular. The package includes a ready to hang kit, and the painting covers almost 30×38 inches of area.

Guru Nanak with Sikh Symbol Framed Wall Painting Set of 3

This set is a complete solution for sacred surroundings. The three similar 30×30 cm frames create a dazzling symmetry on walls. While one frame reflects the physical figurine of Guru Nanak, the other two showcase a sanctified symbol. Made of break-resistant acrylic glass, it requires low maintenance. Ideal for gifting purposes, it comes with additional packaging.  

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Canvas Wall Painting

This Sikh painting of the Sikhs first Guru is pure love. Keeping it subtle and elegant, it has a brown background. Showing tranquility and composure with grace, this piece stands a class apart. It covers a total area of 48x24inches and is an ideal choice for living rooms. The display of Ek Onkar along with Guru Nanak Dev Ji grants sophistication. Made on canvas, it gives an essence of pious loyalty.

Golden Temple Wooden Framed 5 pieces Wooden Wall Painting

This striking wooden framed high-definition glossy painting has five different parts. Displaying the sacred golden temple with grace, it covers an area of around 44×24 inches. Immersed in golden and blue hues, it contrasts with surroundings easily. In addition, it captivates the onlooker’s attention instantly while showcasing strength. Ideal for living rooms or meditation rooms, it has a perfect finish.

Guru Gobind Singh 4 pieces Wall Painting Framed on Wood

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is a symbol of velour and strength. He fought bravely for the religion and restored faith in compassion. This four-piece wood wall painting is made with intricacy and simplicity. The subtleness described by these Sikh wall Paintings is unmatchable. While showing the power of strength and patience, it has incomparable charm.

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