Make Your Video Interactive post

Video marketing is bigger than ever. Video trends are changing at an unprecedented rate, and brands around the world are using interactive post features, new technologies and special effects to create the most compelling content in the world.

Please think about it. What better way to highlight your brand than by creating an interactive post experience that your audience can actively engage with? Whether you’re buying a display product or immersing yourself in a brand landscape you’ve created, interactive post video is the newest and best way to engage your audience.

Here are some ways to use interactive post video to attract visitors and increase brand engagement.


Include links in your video to your homepage, product page, or other places the viewer might want to visit. This is one of the easiest ways to add interactive post spins to your movie. YouTube had a feature called Annotations that worked the same way but has since been deprecated for various reasons. They also did not look bulky and unattractive. Instead, put your own links in a more natural, beautiful and integrated way. Use simple text, icons, boxes, shapes or any combination of these to create amazing videos with clickable links.

Check out this video. This video uses an interactive post link to the product page (details below) along with the awesome branching feature at the end.

Hot spot

Hotspots are similar to connections, but they do more surprising things. Hotspots automatically detect and identify shapes and follow their movement throughout the video. Viewers can click, tap, or interact with the shape at any time. For example, when a car is driving down a street, the entire car becomes a hotspot, displaying clickable links to products and shopping pages. This not only creates visual interest to grab the viewer’s attention, but also helps them see the product in action. When a woman is walking down the street, there may be a hotspot whose shirt can be purchased from a clickable link.


Branch is the video version that lets you choose your own adventure. In some movies, you have the option to control the plot of the story by choosing from the related movies. This creates an experience that viewers must be a part of and allows them to invest more in your videos and brands. It takes a lot of work to get it right. This means you can work with higher quality video content and weave multiple conversations into one visual story. But the result is a truly customizable, truly interactive post and immersive experience.

In this video, the answers to all your questions are linked to other videos. Answer the questions and see what happens for you!


There are many software integrations you can use to add interactive post features to your video. Me and Cinema8, you can record yourself, add slides, and ask audience questions. In the next few years, integration with other tools like Google Maps and chat boxes will become the norm.

360 degree video

Perfect for immersing users in their surroundings, 360° video captures every corner of the video and provides a full 360° view of the venue or event. In other words, you can drag the screen with your mouse or tilt your phone’s screen to choose the direction you want. The video responds in real time and changes depending on where you drag or tilt it. These are usually high-quality films that help viewers position themselves in specific locations, such as concert halls, nature, or underwater. Even in the beginning, 360 video hardware can be expensive. However, as technology advances, the availability of these cameras and related applications will continue to increase. Integration with virtual reality software is also common, so expect more and more 360-degree movies.

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