Promotional Product Customization Challenges & How to Overcome Them

From commodities to goods and now to extreme customization, the trend has evolved. The era of industrialization shifted the focus of the companies more towards customers. Today, organizations are operating to delight buyers and prospects; the rest of everything, including profits, comes after that.

With this changing trend, the customers have also become demanding, and they prefer personalized experience even if companies charge a premium for personalization. The connection is the most prominent customized item built between customers and companies, among many other reasons.

This article will discuss all the challenges a company faces due to the customization of promotional items for businesses and individuals and ways to overcome those hurdles.

Implementation Is Not a Piece of Pie

As easy as it sounds, making custom promotional products is not that easy after all. The eCommerce platforms require multiple upgrades to support personalization options. It takes enormous effort and financial resources to implement customization software in your already running traditional website.

The dilemma is, even after spending so many, customers face issues. The software sometimes allows only a few options while the company has more potential. Another point that pushes away the customers is that the platforms sometimes offer too many options. Excess of options overwhelm the customers causing choice paralysis, and they leave due to frustration.

Here is the Solution

There is no problem without a solution. To save money, time, and other resources, you can use a system like SaaS-based product designs. This system provides various options for product design. Furthermore, it is easy to install and is budget-friendly.

Additionally, you do not have to purchase them as a whole to get their benefits. Entrepreneurs get their monthly subscription and earn more than they invest in this solution.

Your Initial Plan is Nullified

Once you decide to offer custom promotional products on our website, you will no longer follow traditional web designing, order placement, manufacturing, and delivery style. Everything needs to be re-planned and re-designed. Entrepreneurs need to be very detail-oriented and work on every minute detail to fulfill the customers’ demands.

Offering an incomplete experience is better than offering nothing. At least the latter will not hurt your reputation.

Here is the Solution

While there are many approaches you can apply here to get your process streamlined, there is no one perfect solution to this problem. The customization industry is still in its growing phase, and companies are using trial and error to enhance the efficiency of the processes.

You can follow your successful competitors to overcome inefficiency issues. But before doing anything fancy, begin with a simple thing. Set a budget and make a proper plan. After getting your project approved by your peers, you must proceed with the implementation.

Mass Manufacturing is no More your Solution

Mass manufacturing is time-saving, cost-efficient, simple, and requires fewer efforts overall. On the other hand, mass customization requires a strict production timeline, challenging inventory management, and dealing with several third-party vendors daily. The factors extending the production timeline includes:

  • Making a separate product for each customer
  • Changing settings regularly to accommodate Custom designs
  • Converting uploaded files into printable formats.

Inventory management is another bottleneck in this regard. You cannot keep enough inventory in-store because you cannot predict what customers will order. Buying less also adds to the cost of production.

Here is the solution

What you can do to overcome these issues is plan inventory by calculating past trends of purchases and requirements. Find their percentages instead of basing your decisions on the actual quantity of raw materials used in the past. To solve the designing problem, you can get tools like BrushYourIdeas that provide ready-to-print design files. These files support many printing methods, including Sublimation, Screen Printing, Laser engraving, etc.

Delighting Customers is no Joke

Customers of this era are more demanding than ever. Their expectations are touching the seventh sky, and companies struggle to meet their desires. On the one hand, this is beneficial as it results in innovation. While on the other hand, it raises expectations which cause companies to go out of the way. With huge discounts, fast turnarounds, free deliveries, top quality, easy return policy, and whatnot, buyers take up their demands with every fulfilling need.

Here is the Solution

Transparency is the ultimate solution to this problem. Effectively convey your message through all the available platforms. Make it clear in customers’ minds that you operate by the rules and with the intention of providing the best to their target market. You must begin with making the buyer’s persona and positioning yourself as the well-wisher of your target market.

Also, train your customer service team in the way that they will own your brand and will consider it crucial to delight your customers.

Plus, once they believe you offer premium quality at the most affordable rate, they will never leave you. Instead, they will become your brand voice.